42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Volume 3

Director - Various

Cast - Annie Sprinkle, Susan Nero

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Synapse

Reviewer - Abraham Phillips

Date - 07/09/14

Plot: Their place in history is undeniable. Hardcore 8mm stag films introduced explicit human sexuality to the public. Predating every other moving picture home format, these inauspicious productions provided not only a window to a whole other world, but also immediate relief for those not fortunate enough to make their fantasies into reality. Thousands of these underground movies were made between the 1960s and 1980s, and sold in the back of sex magazines or distributed to the almost 60,000 private “peep show” booths located in adult stores in most major cities.


Film: (4/5)


This is another set of classic peep show loops brought to you by Impulse Pictures a.k.a. Synapse Films. 116 minutes of fat titties and big schlongs and some little ones too. These are those dirty little films that countless men and, yes women, popped there quarter into the slot (no pun intended) and then viewed with all the glory of 70’s and 80’s hairy chest, mustaches and huge unshaved twat. These films brought to DVD by Synapse/Impulse are simple, silly, and downright perverse.


Starring in many of the loops are true porn icons of the craft of sex making. The one and only beautiful blossom big gal Annie Sprinkle. Yes, she liked it when you sprinkled on her. Also starring Sue Nero, the legend with huge boobies, I mean huge boobies and wild hair. A memorable porn goddess for her light skin and massive melons. Starring in well over 100 adult films such as the one and only classic Big Tits and Black Dicks. She shinned in her glory days and left the porn business in 1988 to further her exotic dancing and stripping. She was a legend and is written about and talked about even in this day and age for her versatile expertise in blowjobs and anal. Also starring is the porn male god that is often forgotten about but is happily remembered by diehard olden fans of porn cinema the one and only Bobby Astyr. Best known for acting with porn legend Samantha Fox. Both had a relationship together and worked many sex scenes together making it all the more extreme, because they really enjoyed each other as a couple. I think that the porn becomes more real and sexual when boyfriend and girlfriend are performing together on screen. Sadly he died at the young age of 66 from lung cancer but as long as there are wonderful DVD’s put out like this amazing collection then there will be ways of  honoring his legend for the original fans and for the new fans of this style of film making. And we can’t forget the amazing talented and very gifted porn legend Jamie Gillis. A true master of his talent and an all-around amazing guy. A personal lover of his craft and also one who acted all the way up until his death also at the age of 66. What was different about Mr. Gillis is he not only acted in porn but was a regular actor also. Acting in many b-movies and Drive-In fare from 1981’s Night of the Zombies to 2005’s Die you Zombie Bastards. To this date he has 411 acting credits. He also directed a dozen films. A true legend and pioneer god when it comes to the golden age of porn. He was a folk hero in porn and is sadly missed in this world.


These are truly must own DVDs for fans of all aspects of cinema. Porn is a legitimate craft. It might be looked down upon but it still is one of the biggest money makers of all time. The fan base and the reality of this culture of cinema is legendary. From the wonderful performers to the directors and producers of this craft of entertainment, will always be respected by me because for the simple fact is, they give the fans what they want. Impulse Pictures (Synapse Films) gives fans a chance to glimpse back at some of the earliest stages of the modern porn industry taking shape. There are diehard lovers of old school porn. They seek out and collect the legends of olden days of the birth of mainstream porn. These videos where never protected in the old days and just was swept away. Thankfully Impulse Pictures has the amazing beauty of collecting them, protecting them and giving them a new home on DVD format. They honor the craft and also honor the buyer and lover of porn cinema.


Audio/Video: ()


Language: English (Projector Sound Only)


Aspect Ratio: Full-Frame 1.33:1


You really can’t give these a rating on the audio and video. There is no sound other than the projector playing. The quality of the film varies because these where never filmed good in the first place or never protected in the first place. They show scratches and grain and the old look of cinema, but you should expect that and so I can’t fault that. These are finally brought out and protected from the cinematic trash heap by those wonderful archivists at Impulse Pictures.


Extras: (2/5)


You can choose which loop you want. You can play all as a film or just the one you wish.


Also it comes with a short insert by Robin Bougie which is always a plus to read from Cinema Sewer.




A must own for fans of this style of cinema. Impulse does a loving job of crafting these forgotten pieces into one 116 minute eye candy of golden age porn. A beautiful DVD to grace the shelf of any fan of porn cinema or the golden age of sex.


Now I have to mention the very last loop. It’s a twisted violent and disturbing sexual piece that utterly floors me that this was added to the mix. It’s titled The Barbarian Girls. It has a woman beating another woman, flogging her, tying her up and then using a blade to cut out her womanhood, she pulls it out and then penetrates it with a knife, while she is getting off with the blood dripping everywhere. I have never in my life seen anything like this in the idea of the porn world. It’s like a fake snuff film. Impulse pictures clearly made a twisted statement with the ending of this. A violent mix porn and horror for the last loop. I could not believe my eyes. It was disturbing and very disgusting and really an interesting violent, gory and eye opening experience.