Baby Rosemary/Hot Lunch

Director - John Hayes

Cast - Desire Costeau, Juliet Anderson

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Abraham Phillips

Date - 07/22/14

Baby Rosemary (1976) /Hot Lunch (1978)




Baby Rosemary: After the death of her father, a beautiful, though sexually traumatized, young woman enters an erotic nightmare while awaiting his funeral. “Baby Rosemary” is a haunting adult film like no other.


Hot Lunch: Andrew’s life has hit rock bottom. After being fired from his job and discovering that his girlfriend is having an affair, he hits the streets looking for work only to discover a non-stop series of sexual delights waiting for him at every turn.




Baby Rosemary (3.5/5)


Hot Lunch (3/5)


Here’s another double feature of the old days of erotic cinema. A . This is a really odd mixed set of films specifically for Baby Rosemary because it’s more weird and disturbing at the same time. The concept of mixing porn with an unsettling atmoshere as is done here is always as bit disconcerting in my book.


Something these old X rated films seemed to do in the golden years of Grindhouse and underground cinema is mix a violent tone in with the sex. Most people watch sex just to get off.. So adding a darker tone is always an interesting, because it is in direct contrast with the notion of sexual gratification. At times it makes for an interesting film like the first film in this double feature Baby Rosemary. A twisted little darker sexual porn. This is directed by John Hayes who did other films outside of porn such as exploitation films and mixing in a little splash of trashy horror though out his career with such over the top retro-classics like Grave of the Vampire and Garden of the Dead.


Baby Rosemary is most defiantly one to see. It is a slightly psychological film , mixing in past actions of nightmares with a reality of an average erotic film.  It plays sort of like  a pornographic nightmare realized, coffins, cults, rape, sex, nightmares and orgies at a funeral home need I say more.


Hot Lunch is more of a basic sex romp. This is another weird tale at times but nothing like the first one. It is also directed by Hayes, but it is much more straightforward in it's approach, and nothing like the bizarreness of the first half of this peekarama double bill.

Both these films contain sex, and yes more sex. Baby Rosemary is very enjoyable and odd and very different and something that I feel lovers of grindhouse and weird trippy style of cinema will really enjoy.

Baby Rosemary stars the very beautiful knock out goddess Lesllie Bovee. A true eye candy starlet of sexual desire  It also stars the porn legend and veteran John Leslie who stared in over 300 pictures. He was a master talented porn icon. He sadly passed away at the age of 65 but his legacy in the adult world lives on. . Those who research and consider porn a major part of film will always know him for his many great industry roles.

Both these features are classic and truly memorable doses of eye candy, and truly bizarre porn oddities.. Two true golden age porns resurrected and brought out lovingly on this double feature Peek-a-Rama DVD by the one and only masters Vinegar Syndrome.


Audio/Video: (3/5)


It’s an old porn films but thankfully they showcase a better print then the original and also these films where never filmed in crisp beautiful ways so you should expect some grain and popping noises but with that said these two look better than they ever have. I saw Baby Rosemary a while back and it was horrible looking but this one makes it shine. This is the must own version of both of these films.


+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO


+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm original negatives


Extras: (2/5)


+ Original theatrical trailer for BABY ROSEMARY


+ Hot and Soft theatrical trailers for HOT LUNCH


+ Alternate soft scenes for HOT LUNCH




Great retro porn. Two films resurrected nicely on DVD, by those masters of vintage erotica restoration Vinegar Syndrome. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.