A Racetrack Somewhere

Director – N/A

Cast – Jo McKinnon

Country of Origin – Australia

Review Format: DVD

Discs - 1

Distributor - Umbrella

Reviewer - Tyler Miller

Date - 03/01/2017

The Series (3/5)

Racing Personality and TV host Jo McKinnon, hosts this 5-part mini documentary series on 5 key racing spots in Australia. McKinnon introduces each of the 10 to 15 minute segments as we see the scenic Aussie countryside and get an insider’s look into the traditions of each spot. The five sections are Birdsville, King Island, Warrnambool, Kangaroo Island, and Darwin. The series has a quick and friendly view into each of spots, that will make this perfect lazy Sunday afternoon viewing.

A RACETRACK SOMEWHERE is a perfectly fine mini-series. The show is well made for what seems like a rushed budget, but my biggest problem is I’m just personally not into Horse racing. The series covers a wide range of topics, but the overall layout is sloppy, with footage not fitting together and the distracting shifting aspect ratio. The series isn’t shot badly per say, but the on the fly filming isn’t anything other than average. The actual horse racing footage is also lacking as most of it is blurred or not focused on.

The feeling of community is well captured, with a strong sense of pride from the fans and the jockeys.  The interviewees are filled with spirit and love bringing up how this sport, and its locations, bring out the true Australia. One fan ran one of the tracks to get to the event, and we see in gory detail the events of the burning heat.

A RACETRACK SOMEWHERE is an average series, that sadly doesn’t rise above its reality tv origins. Nothing wrong with that, just not an excellent introduction for Horse racing.

Audio/Video (3/5)

The series comes with an English Dolby Digital 2.0 channel track. The audio is clear and there’s no noticeable errors. The sound mix has its ups and downs with most of this measured by the filming conditions. No subtitles are included.

The video quality is where things get a little shaky. The picture is uneven. The aspect ratio switches randomly between scene to scene. The interview segments themselves are fine, but the actual horse racing footage is underwhelming.

Extras (0/5)

No extras included.

Overall (3/5)

If you’re a fan of Horse racing, this may be your cup of Tea. But otherwise it just depends on your tastes. Rental.