Comet Lucifer: Complete Collection

Director - Yasuhito Kikuchi

Cast - Various

Country of Origin- Japan

Review Format: Blu-ray

Discs - 2

Distributor - Section 23

Reviewer - Scott MacDonald

Date - 04/06/2017

The Series (4/5)

    Comet Lucifer follows a boy, Sogo Amagi, who lives in a mining village on a pre-apocalyptic planet named Gift.  Sogo has a hobby of collecting crystals, which is easy for him, as he lives in a mining village, and they are in great abundance, one night while searching for crystals, he found a particular one stuck deep in the ground, upon retrieving it he discovers a young woman is inside it. Her name is Felia, and has magic powers (naturally, being trapped in a crystal and all). Her presence on the planet causes conflicts with the military as Sogo, and Felia's other crystal bound partner (who has mecha powers) Mo, try to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding her.

    Comet Lucifer is a 2015 series from 8-Bit. It is quite a decent series that has a lot going on, and after finishing it I will admit I really enjoyed it, but will say that it might take multiple viewings to really absorb everything that's going on in the series. That being said it really had a really nice mysterious atmosphere  revolving around the goings on with Felia's origin. This was enough of a drive to keep me, and probably most viewers interested in the series.

Action scenes in the series were excellent, and were one of the series highlights. Most notably the mecha scenes which were truly well done. Animation was excellent, and fit the tone of the series quite well, and honestly, I cannot wait to make time to watch this tone again.


Audio/Video (4/5)

    Section 23 presents Comet Lucifer in a splendid 1:78:1 1080p AVC encoded transfer preserving the show's OAR. Colors are well reproduced, blacks are deep, and line detail is fine here.

    Audio is presented with a Japanese DTS-HD MA 2.0 track that handles everything quite well. Dialogue and musical score come through nicely.


Extras (2/5)

    Aside from the usual clean opening and closing we get a series of related short films.



    Comet Lucifer was a nice action anime with an abstract origin mystery at its core.  The action was great and the animation was solid. The video and audio on the disc looked great, and there are some additional to the usual extras on the disc. RECOMMENDED.