Return of Kung Fu Trailers of Fury

Directors - Various

Cast - Angela Mao, Bolo Yeung, Chuck Norris, Don Wong

Country of Origin - Various

Review Format: Blu-ray

Discs - 1

Distributor - Severin

Reviewer - Richard Glenn Schmidt

Date - 04/11/2017

The Film (4/5)

Oh man, here we go! Severin Films presents another loud, bloody, occasionally sexy, and wildly offensive collection of kung-fu trailers. With films like Yellow-Faced Tiger, The Invincible Super Guy, Master of Death, and Bloody Mission, you’re in for a wild ride. There’s so many kun-fu comedies on here and unintentional comedy as well, especially with the corny taglines promising “all new moves” and “high productions values”. There are a couple of bizarre editions to the collection here as well like a crime drama with little to no kung-fu scenes and a weird animated film called The Story of Chinese Gods that will leave your brain in a mushy pile in your skull. Did I mention the Bruce Lee rip-offs? Don’t worry, I absolutely 100% guarantee that this definitely contains none of those!

Audio/Video (3/5)

These trailers looks pretty damn good but if you don’t like scratchy looking prints and bizonkers burned in subtitles (on some of the trailers), then don’t bother with this one. I’ve always felt that with trailer compilations, the damage and wrinkles add to the fun of the experience. Throw this on at a party and see if anyone cares about the scratches. Do it! I’m serious, duder. You haven’t hosted a party in way too long. I’ll bring the hummus and chips.

Extras (4/5)

The only extra on the disc is another spirited commentary from martial arts instructor Greg Schiller, Ric Stelow (Drunken Master Video), and Ric Meyers (Films of Fury). Joining them this time is Frank Djeng (NY Asian Film Festival) and I think it actually reins in some of the ridiculousness of the first Kung-Fu Trailers of Fury. The ghost of Jackie Chan is haunting this collection. He’s mentioned so many times by the commentators that it got pretty damn annoying. I understand what a huge influence Drunken Master was on the industry but if I had a dime for every time Chan is mentioned, I’d have like 2 dollars or so. However, this commentary is full of great information and is definitely lively.


I was jonesing for some high-kickin’ and fast-punchin’ action and I am not disappointed! While these trailers often show nearly the entire film and spoil almost every single plot point, I still found myself making lists of films that I need to see based on the insanity playing out on my screen. One thing, I don’t recommend is attempting any of the martial arts moves in Return of Kung-Fu Trailers of Fury without stretching first. Without getting too personal, I may have to have my pancreas put back into my body. Thanks for nothing, Bruce Li!