The Young Like It Hot/Sweet Young Foxes

Director: Bob Chinn

Cast: Hyapatia Lee, Bud Lee, Kay Parker

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Steven Lewis

Date - 05/13/14

The Young Like It Hot


The Film (4/5)


A customer support business becomes targeted for upgrade with computerized phone modernization to replace the live support operators.  Supervisor Loni takes matters into her own hands when she devises a plan for the operators to ramp up their helpful attitudes while also giving her body to the lustful yearnings of Mr. Fishbait, the operating station manager.  While Loni seduces Mr. Fishbait to gain his vote in keeping personalized staff on board, the personnel get personal and turn up the support, offering their sexy voices to help their customers get off while also participating in other kinky office hijinks.  If none of their provocatives work, senior operator Cheryl trades bathroom sex for a device created and installed by Mr. Fishbait’s brother and telephone pole jockey genius, Jim, that’ll distort the survey findings used to justify a computerized upgrade.


While seemingly riding off the title coattails of the Marilyn Monroe comedy “Some Like It Hot,” the Bob Chinn directed film “The Young Like It Hot” has absolutely no similarity nor connection to the Billy Wilder 1959 film other than the partial title and although the adult film does feature numerous adventurous blondes.  Some of those blondes include sensational starlets such as Lili Marlene, Rose Kimball, Linda Shaw, and the late Shauna Grant.  “The Young Like It Hot” is also the debut film of Hyapatia Lee who sports her exotic features from her Native American ancestry and co-starring with her ball and chain Bud Lee, portraying the only male operator.  Two mature performers are also included in the casts’ genetic makeup with the Birmingham, England babe Kay Parker and “Dracula Sucks” actress Pat Manning, both hovering around the age of 40 years young and still acting, and flexing, as if they were in their twenties.  Rounding out the rest of the performers is a cleaned up Eric Edwards as Mr. Fishbait, the one and only Joey Silvera as a hapless home improvement do-it-yourselfer tortured by the bad support provided by Shauna Grant’s character, Sharon Mills whose character Carla is unable to satisfy herself, Herschel Savage as the Bill the night watchman, pole climbers Ray Wells and Mike Horner, and lastly there’s Lori Smith whose unable to pleasurably deep throat her on-screen husband played by Paul Thomas who makes a shout out to “Deep Throat’s” Harry Reems when Lori Smith is able to finally relax her throat for maximum intake.


The now obsolete telephone boards and pay phones accompanied by the synthesized energetic theme song intro undoubtedly defines the early 1980’s, but producer Gail Palmer ("Erotic Adventures of Candy") along with Caribbean Films sell a higher production value adult film that’s entertaining, considerably funny, and, obviously, stimulating that doesn’t fit the 80’s standard.  Chinn and Palmer’s film soars lightyears ahead of the cheap production value that commonly lays the setting of many titles.  What also sets “The Young Like It Hot” apart from it’s triple X kin is being the perfect introduction film for the delightfully perky and olive skinned Hyapatia Lee who plays the station’s supervisor.  Lee literally is on the next level of the hierarchy business chain as well as performing together more with other cast members than the rest.   Lee’s scenes involved getting busy with Eric Edwards to get Mr. Fishbait’s influential vote, sucking off Bud Lee for his stellar customer service, getting her lesbian groove on with Lili Marlene to build the bottom rung operator’s confidence with men, and also getting down and dirty with Rose Kimball as a celebration for everybody keeping their machine-threatened jobs.


"The Young Like It Hot" has a little something for everyone.  A handful of lesbian encounters, brief anal, deep throat, and a couple of mature older women scenes.  But the 90-minute runtime couldn't seemingly accommodate every character's lengthy performance as many of the scenes were cut to a just a preview size portion.  The Kay Parker and Ray Wells bathroom scene was greatly hyped, but was quickly flushed and didn't really give Kay Parker much exposure.  At first I thought her age might have resulted in the minor scene, but then Pat Manning, whose older than Parker by a couple of years, had an extremely lengthy and dirty romp with Mike Horner.  Also, The Hypathia Lee and Lili Marlene lesbian brush was just that, a quick lesson.  Just when Lee had her rear in the air while playing with herself and leaning down to tongue whip Marlene vagina, that's when the scene was getting extremely exciting, but then the moment is cuts to the next segment, leaving much to be desired.



"Sweet Young Foxes"


The Film (2.5/5)


Hot off finishing their exams, three young and hot co-ed girls spend their lonely nights looking to warm their beds with hard bodies.  Laura seeks to find herself many suitors over the summer after feeling left behind by her steady boyfriend, Alex, who went college out of state.  With her mother moving to the East Coast with a newfound fiance, Laura's freedom is upon her to reign in lovers.  Then there's the loose Maggie whose party all night attitude lands her into the arms of anyone willing to lay.  Maggie stays with Kim over the summer months as a way to create space between herself and her parents.  Lastly, Kim seems very innocent on the outside, but deep down internally she's ready to be ravaged and with her parents on a three month European vacation, Kim is ready to rock one lucky soul's world.


If a double dose of Kay Parker, Bud Lee, Pat Manning, and Hypatia Lee is needed after viewing “The Young Like It Hot,” Vinegar Syndrome certainly delivers a lethal prescription with “Sweet Young Foxes” in their Peekarama double feature release.  “Sweet Young Foxes” gratifies as an erotic dramedy by director Bob Chinn, who believes the film contains more of a drama element according to the DVD’s interview with Chinn.  What falters Chinn’s film is a lack of character motivation.  Laura (Hyapatia Lee), Maggie (Cara Lott), and Kim (Cindy Carver), for the most part, meander about their lives during summer break.   Lee’s Laura exhibits a glimpse of motivation when her overbearing mother Julie (Kay Parker) slaps her daughter across the face to subdue Laura’s defiance and scattered brain mentality.  The slap only intensifies Laura’s defiance, but the whole moment comes to a squash when Julie becomes enthralled by Raymond’s (Eric Edwards) proposal of marriage and cross-country move to the East Coast after a romantic romp.  After that, Julie could care less what the pot-smoking, leg-spreading Laura does on her Summer break.


What’s unique about this film is the editing.  Simultaneous sex scenes are edited to cut back and forth between performances and these scenes become bookmarks to the duration of the film.  While reminiscing about a previous encounter with her former boyfriend Alex, Laura lies nearly fully naked on her bed, her back propped with a pillow against the wall, and she’s touching herself and the more she recollects Alex penetrating her, the more Laura touches herself.  This kickoff act delivers two performances by Hyapatia Lee, which with her stunning and exotic beauty lays the foundation for a good start to a relatively flat plot line.  The grand finale involves Laura, Maggie, and Kim hooking up with partygoers at a mansion party.  Laura bumps into a once high school crush (Cap Lincoln) and they both head to the laundry room without a single hesitating thought while Maggie gets the grand tour of the mansion, or rather the full spread of the couch, provided by the woman of the house, played by Pat Manning.  Kim is the shy one of the three and a party guest (Blair Harris) nearly sells his soul trying really hard to get his hard one into Kim.  However, the editing wasn't always smooth, particularly the Cara Lott and Ron Jeremy scene where no more than ten seconds after Jeremy removes his clothes, he's sweating profusely. 


"Sweet Young Foxes" showcases a few of the adult industry's painfully underwhelming thespian performers.  I remember first watching Cara Lott as a co-host presenting a compilation of x-rated shorts on "Snow Honeys" and thought I've never seen a more ditzy, obvious cue card reading actress in my adult video watching career.  On the bright side, the petite Lott sports a tight and athletic physique with a very tight vagina that made Ron Jeremy that much bigger.  Another so-called-acting winner is Cap Lincoln.  Here's a guy whose more than fairly muscular, has great hair, rocks a stereotypical porn stash, and garnishes an average size pants jockey, but talks like Mike Tyson and might as well be a robot as far as his expressions are concerned.  Compared to a vibrant and extremely gestural Hyapatia Lee, Lincoln quickly kills the mood, especially when his "o" face is nothing but his eyes slightly rolling toward the back of his head. 





"The Young Like It Hot" and "Sweet Young Foxes" are presented on Vinegar Syndrome's Peekarama Bit 2 Unit Show in their original aspect ratio of anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1.  The gorgeous 2k scan from the original 35mm marks another solid release from the retro adult video distributor.  In "The Young Like It Hot," the colors pop right off the screen, the blanks are leveled, and flesh tones are welcomingly natural.  The only disturbance noticeable is during the close up of Hyapatia Lee blowing her husband Bud Lee and in this instance, a thin blue horizontal line, more than likely a scratch from the original print, is prevalent just left of the screen.  "Sweet Young Foxes" also has natural flesh tones and balanced blacks with the majority of the film in brilliant coloring.  The scene where, again, Hyapatia Lee and her husband Bud Lee are sexing by the fire has an issue with artificial enhancements that blur coloring and skin tones that wash away any kind of detail.  However, this type of soft light might have been intentional toward the reminiscing state Hyapatia's character was in and doesn't average into the rating of the audio and video. 


The Dolby Digital 1.0 mono mix is actually above par with balanced and clear tracks leaving the dialogue mix right up front and prevalent.  Still, both films do contain a fair amount of hissing in the dialogue and "Sweet Young Foxes" does have a brief popping sound moment right after a scene transition.  The popping won't be a killjoy, but this hissing does get under the skin after a few scenes of it.


Extras (1/5)


Extras include an interview with "Big Dick" William Margold discussing his phone sex scene.  There's also an interview with director Bob Chinn discussing his role and his open opinions on both films.




Vinegar Syndrome once again provides a stellar DVD release full of porn mustaches and sweaty bodies intertwined in heap of horniness.  The region free DVD presentation looks and sounds beautiful and is nearly perfect, solidifying that "The Young Like It Hot" and "Sweet Young Foxes" never looked this good before on any other platform.  Hyapatia Lee alone would be worth the price of admission for this back-to-back feature.  Bob Chinn and his snazzy editing trademark might win over some hearts as well.  Recommended.