Triage X: Complete Collection

Director- Akio Takami, Takao Kato

Cast- Various

Country of Origin- Japan

Review Format: Blu-ray

Discs - 2

Distributor - Section 23

Reviewer - Scott MacDonald

Date - 02/09/2017

The Series (4/5)

    Having never read the manga, the Blu-ray release of Triage X the Complete Collection  just released stateside by Sentai Filmworks is my first exposure to this world, and I have to say I love it. I have a bizarre fascination with shows that throw everything at the wall in such a successful manner in the way Triage X does. The series is an effective mix of action, fan service, and subversive (OK, not THAT subversive political satire).

    The series follows Black Label, a group that is compromised of medical professionals of all levels from Doctors and Nurses and also oddly students. However, these medical professionals have a secret life as a group of assassins who work to take out those who prey on the weaker elements of society. These assassins are given individual powers by a drug called D99 that help them in their respective missions.

    Triage X is compromised of 10 episodes and an OVA. This is perfect, as we are treated to a quick blur of action and wild sleazy fun. The fan service is the most pronounced aspect of the show overall, but it does not dominate so much that we lose sight of a narrative in the individual episodes or get toned down action. All of which are handled quite well here. Animation looks quite decent overall, and does the job quite well.


Audio/Video (4/5)

     Sentai Filmworks presents Triage X in a splendid 1:78:1 1080p AVC encoded transfer preserving the original OAR for the series.  Color, line detail, and blacks are all quite solid here. Audio is presented in a Japanese DTS-HD MA 2.0 track, and is quite stable with dialogue, score, and ambient elements coming through nicely.


Extras (2.5/5)

    Sentai have included opening and closing clean animation, an interview with a series voice actor, promos for the series, and other Sentai trailers.



   Triage X is a fun action and fan service packed ride of a series that is short enough to understand its limitations. The Blu-ray from Sentai Filmworks looks and sounds quite good, and has a limited, but decent slate of extras RECOMMENDED.