Bullet in the Face (Complete Series DVD)

Directors - Alan Spencer

Cast - Eddie Izzard, Jessica Steen Eric Roberts

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Shout! Factory

Reviewer - Abraham Phillips

Date 01/09/13

The Series (4/5)


This is the comical slice of humorous cinema created by Alan Spencer who did the cult TV show in 1986 Sledge Hammer starring David Rasche.


This is a politically incorrect series that plays with the rougher comedy.

The series is created in six parts from Canada. This is a wild over-the-top, silly, humorous piece of cinema that if you view it, it can't be forgotten.


This is an unrelenting, comical, comic book type violence, it's cheesy, uproarious and cult like establishing of a series. It's one of those series that will probably be remembered for its wild actions throughout and it's ultra comedy toward violence.


To understand what your getting into all one has to do is listen to the opening song: "Is he good? Is he bad? A psychopath or a sexy cad?"


You are introduced to the very violent criminal and basic psychopath Gunter Vogler who's played wonderfully and comical and very violent by Max Williams. Now to fully understand the plot of this series one has to dig into their imagination and pull out all craziness.


During a robbery he is shot in the face by his partner and lover girlfriend Martine. He soon wakes up in the hospital after having a face transplant. But not just any face transplant it is the face of a police officer that he killed. He is told now he has to work for the good guys to bring down the baddies and all those that he worked with and knew.


Now what the police and the good guys don't realize is they created a new persona that wants to seek revenge against the whole entire world, hates everybody and now he is a volcano of anger and violence thicker than he ever has been.


This is truly a memorable show with characters created through imaginative means and truly original make believe. It takes detectives and violence and comic glee to a whole new level as you watch the story unfold.


It's a thick dark comedy mixed with action in that classic black-and-white film Noir type of setting.


This originally ran on the IFC channel. When aired it got all kinds of mixed reviews from critics I think the mixed reviews happened because people don't quite understand it's interesting originality. So many people don't get the cult-like feel, many might have been turned off by the plot and it's violent tone, but if you're a fan of dark comedy then it's perfect.


This does has some unique B-movie direct to video actors and comedians within it. This has Eric Roberts who is a stable in direct to video films and lower budget films you have the comical comedy induced one of a kind comedian Eddie Izzard.


This is truly a wild one-of-a-kind trip inside the world of dark comedy with violence and an interesting comic book type mentality that stretches the imagination for the viewer to experience something truly unique and down right wild.


Audio/Video: (5/5)


I see nothing wrong with the audio or video, it plays crystal clear and sounds crystal-clear. They did a wonderful job capturing it on the DVD release.


Extras: (2/5)


Sadly this doesn't really come with any extras other than a commentary by Executive producer Alan Spencer which is a great commentary and very entertaining to listen to but I  wanted more maybe some interviews, maybe some behind-the-scenes, but all you got was a commentary, it's still great to listen to the commentary.




Now I will be honest this is not my cup of tea, I'm really not a huge fan of dark comedy but with that said I was thoroughly entertained by this. I feel this is a great DVD to have. It truly is a unique series, I think that is the reason why I loved it so much is because it is so original and so over-the-top that it simply has not been done before. It's wild, kooky, silly, cheesy, comic book related. A truly weird interesting awesome type series that grabs the viewer and tends to never let them go until the very end.