Cat in the Brain (Grindhouse Releasing) Special Edition

Director - Lucio Fulci

Cast - Lucio Fulci, Brett Halsey, David Thomson

Country of Origin - Italy

Discs - 2

MSRP - $24.95

Distributor - Grindhouse Releasing

Reviewer - Scott MacDonald



Film (4/5)

Cat in the Brain(Nightmare Concert) is not Lucio Fulci's best film.  It stands pretty far from the ranks of Lizard in a Woman's Skin, The Beyond, Zombi 2, etc. I have never seen Cat in the Brain prior to receiving this Grindhouse DVD of the film, and while it is not Fulci's best film, it is certainly Fulci at his most fun.  I had a blast with this film, and will certainly be revisiting it many more times in the future.

Cat in the Brain stars Lucio Fulci as....Lucio Fulci.  Fulci has spent many years shooting violent horror films, and the stress is beginning to get to him.  While he is making his new film, he begins to have visions of violent death and sexual orgies. At the same time a series of grizzly murders begins to occur in the same locale where Fulci is shooting his film.  Fulci begins to believe that it is he, who is committing these murders, and starts to further unravel.

This film could be considered Fulci's version of Federico Fellini's 8.  They both utilize the same vision of the director at breaking point, who is expected to create some grand (or in this case, violent) vision, and is succumbing to the stress of the world he has created for himself.


Video (4/5)

Grindhouse has provided us with an excellent 1.66.1 widescreen transfer. It has been flagged for progressive scan, and looks fantastic.  The colors are sharp throughout, although there are some scenes that are a little soft.  Also, this transfer is not entirely free of grain, but this is probably the best this film has ever looked, and for a film like this one, a little film grain definitely adds to the overall atmosphere.


Audio (3/5)

This new release comes with 2 audio options, an Italian and English Mono track, the DVD also includes optional English subtitles.  The sound on both tracks is good, with no obvious background interference, and is pretty clear.  The subtitles are absolutely fantastic, completely clear, well done, and they jump off the screen.


Extras (5/5)


Grindhouse has gone all out in the extras department including a two part interview with Fulci that last roughly 90 min.  Also included is home video footage of Fulci's 1996 appearance at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors.  This is both the first and last appearance Fulci made in the U.S., before his death a few months later. 


They also included another long form interview with Cat in the Brain star, and frequent Fulci collaborator Brett Halsey that is interesting, and goes into a fair amount of depth on Halsey's career.


Finally, there is a short compilation of interview clips caled “Memories of Lucio,” these have been taken from the Paura tribute disc released late last year, and make an excellent addition to this already amazing set.


Grindhouse has included a host of trailers for it's upcoming and prior releases including Gone with the Pope, An American Hippie in Israel, Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, The Tough Ones, Massacre Mafia Style, and many more. The liner notes include short essays by Antonella Fulci, Eli Roth, and David S. Scrouw.



Conclusion –

This film may not be Fulci's best film, but it is surely the best Fulci DVD ever released. The picture, and sound are consistently good throughout, and the extras go above and beyond what a marginal film like this would normally receive.  Grindhouse has once again proven why they are the Criterion of the horror business. I look forward to their future releases, and would recommend Cat in the Brain to Fulci fans, and anyone looking for a gory good time.

-Scott MacDonald