Deep Contact

Cast - Myuu Aso, Kazushi Ikeda

Director - Yukio Kitazawa

Country of Origin - Japan

Discs - 1

MSRP - $21.99

Distributor - Pink Eiga

Reviewer - Bob McHenry Presents...

...The Dirty Uncle Bob Show Episode 7 : Deep Contact

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The Film (4/5)

     A comet is on a path towards Earth and our only hope is a hospital full of sexual psycho-kinetics! That's the quick and dirty about Deep Contact, a wonderfully weird and sexy sci-fi romp from Pink Eiga. Wataru, a young man who ripped off the Yakuza thinking the comet had us all doomed anyway, is kidnapped by a a group of scientists in order to harness his potential sexual psycho-kinetic powers. Wataru and the group train hard, humping with the fate of the world in their hands, and other body parts, in order to fuck this comet away and save the world. Wataru is paired up with Ikuko, a super foxy Japanese nurse who may be the world's most powerful sexual psycho-kinetic, and world-saving boning and even a little romance blossom.


     This is a great little pinku film, it's funny, goofy, and sexy and full of hot Japanese girls getting down as often as they can. It only runs an hour, and you really get your hour's worth out of it.


Audio/Video (3/5)

The DVD is presented in widescreen with a Japanese stereo track and English subtitles. Nothing great about the A/V quality, but nothing terrible about it either. The film does look a little aged, a little moreso than it should considering it's 1998 release, but it's really not terrible. It is what it is.


Extras (4/5)

The DVD is full of extras. We've got slideshows, cast & crew bios, commentary, trailers, and featurettes. All the cool stuff the DVD nerds love. They've really made the best of the space on the disc and you can easily spend more time than it would take to watch the feature exploring all the goodies on the disc. If you're big into pinku film, there's a treasure trove of fun material to help seize your victory in the next Japanese Erotica trivia night you attend.


Overall (4/5)

Dirty Uncle Bob approved! Deep Contact is the sexiest Armageddon scenario film that I've seen to date. If you like foxy Japanese nurses, whacky scientists, and love blooming in the most peculiar of places, then Deep Contact is definitely worth an hour of your time.