Deep Roots/Starlet Nights

Director - Lisa Barr

Cast - Jesse Chacan, Liz Renay, Anita Sands (Deep Roots), Kandi Barbour, Lesllie Bovee (Starlet Nights)

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Abraham Phillips

Date - 03/29/13

Deep Roots (1978):

Plot: An American Indian journeys from his reservation to the lust capital of Hollywood where he finds himself surrounded by erotic thrills beyond his wildest dreams.

Starlet Nights (1978):

Plot: This sexy retelling of Snow White stars Leslie Bovee as a beautiful, but wicked, stepmother trying to ruin the virginal reputation of her stunning stepdaughter, Snow.



Deep Roots (3.5/5)

Starlet Nights (3/5)


Oh here we go again all you horny watchers. Another edition of Vinegar Syndrome's Peekarama movies. Scantily clad ladies, hairy 70's and 80's men and sex. Pre-condom sex, orgies, threesome's, twosomes, artistic boobie painting and pure sexual adult desires.


All right lets join in for a 1970s double feature porn style for the eyes. This is two films set for the adult entertainment. This is Grindhouse added with the trashiest sexy smut around.


The true shining film of this double feature is 1978's Deep Roots starring the wonderfully sexy Jesse Chacan. Now what stands out with Jessie is Jessie is an actual Native American. Which at the time was more or less unheard-of in the porn industry. Hollywood had always portrayed Native Americans with white people painting their skin. This porn told a story of a Native American named Billy who was an artist and lived on a reservation.


Now Billy wants to explore how everyone else lives so he decides to jump on his motorcycle and drive out to LA in California.


Soon Billy discovers that his painting jobs don't go as planned because the girls end up disrobing. The first one wants her body painted so yeah, he goes along and as you can guess one thing leads to another in front of the fireplace they have hot sex. Billy ends up exploring sexual moment after another. Believe it or not this porn actually has a story where Billy must decide if he's going to live among the others and go about his exploration of sex or goes back to his reservation to his deep roots.


Now this has the one and only Liz Renay. She graced cinema in John Waters’ 1977 film Desperate Living. Her persona was truly a striking reality for the eyes in every part she has ever done. This part in Deep Roots is one of her most striking moments. Her part in this will leave you in wide eyed comical wonder. Truly a memorable moment with her odd gifted talent of owning the screen.


Liz Renay was a stunning and built bright awesome characters throughout her many years of acting. She always graced Cinema and had an ultimate pleasure in doing what she did on screen. What's interesting is she was girlfriend to killer gangster Meyer Harris "Mickey" Cohen. She always was a true star and ultimate burlesque dancer and striptease act.


Liz was a true cult goddess and truly an image that will never be forgotten. She captured countless flawless moments and explored many personas and gifted the cinema world with her body, her looks and most of all her attitude. Her one claim to fame was sleeping with thousands upon thousands upon thousands of men by her own admission.


Deep Roots is a fun, wild, awesome and shockingly entertaining film not just for the close up sex. The film is not just great for the ideas of steamy 70s sex but in that it's actually a weird scenario that grabs the viewer. The film makes you want to jam to the old school music and it makes you want to know what happens next.


I think what makes it so different is that it actually integrates the Native American plot. The Native American plot works, it adds to the porn film. This has famous orgies and yes sex after sex. But I think this is more of a stylized porn film and that it actually stepped over the boundaries in adding an actual Native American playing the Native American in a porn industry.


Another thing that makes this film standout is it's not just "wam bam thank you ma'am sex", there's a shot were Billy is having sex with his girlfriend and it's very sensual and very emotional and very titillating for the viewer. There was almost chemistry in this film and not just the rushed piece of porn.


This was actually directed by Joseph Bardo but he hid his name and changed it to Lisa Barr and directed Deep Roots and several other porn films including our second feature on this Peekarama DVD under the name of Lisa Barr. Many will know who Joseph Bardo is. He acted in 1964's The Thrill Killers. He also was the producer for the ultra cult sci-fi horror film Vicious Lips (1986).




Jesse Chacan is also apart of the second porn to this double feature, Starlet Nights which tales the tale of an evil stepmother played and acted by the amazing and wonderful Leslie Bovee. She stars as Joyce in this smutty, trashy, sexual changing of the classic fairy tale of Snow White.


This one is clearly the second feature of this double bill. This one was not quite as passionate as Deep Roots was. This one is just your basic porn film with a comical setting.


This stars Porn hardcore legend Tyler Reynolds who acted from 72 to 88. He was Playgirls man of the month in 1977. Interesting to note is he was also in the great 72 classic Behind the Green Door with the late great goddess Marilyn Chambers.


Audio/Video (2.5/5)


Amazingly Deep Roots showcases a rare example of a porn film being fixed up a little for this DVD. Most instances Deep Roots is very scratchy and jumpy but with this one it showcases a better print, it does have certain scratchy and jump moments but the colors are vibrant and even though this is aged cinema it still comes together with a perfect viewing for fans that understand this type of filming.


Starlet Nights is good for what it is. This is the first time it's been on DVD at least what I can find. It originally was on VHS back in the 80s. It does jump at times but overall it comes together and can be viewed in all it's wonderful retro style.


Features Include:

+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.85:1 Anamorphic | MONO

+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm elements




Deep Roots (3.5/5)

Starlet Nights (3/5)


This is another wonderful DVD release by Vinegar Syndrome. They brought out this double-bill feature associated with adult erotic porn. Both classified as truly forgotten Classics. Obscure porn pieces of adult cinema. Deep Roots is actually a very memorable film. It's crafted around actually, believe it or not, characters. Starlet Night is a more of your basic comical, trashy, interesting sexy porn that's for fans of fantasy porn.


Deep Roots I feel is a must own for any fan of 70s classic retro porn. This is an erotic piece of cinema that mixes interesting characters around an interesting backdrop of sex.


I love Vinegar Syndromes Peekarama DVD's and anything that Vinegar Syndrome brings out I usually thoroughly enjoy. They capture obscure old-school pieces of cinema all the way to classic forgotten pieces of porn.