Doctor Who - Power of The Daleks

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    One of the great tragedies of 20th century television is the BBC purges that caused so many great classic television episodes to be lost seemingly forever. This includes many episodes of the EuroCultAV fan favorite Doctor Who. Over the years many episodes of the series have been found around the world including 5 episodes of the Web of Fear, and the complete Enemy of the World, 3 years ago.

    One of the great missing serials from the Doctor Who archives is Patrick Troughton’s debut serial Power of the Daleks. While many fans do hold out hope that one day we will get to see the serial returned and released to DVD BBC Worldwide has done the 2nd best thing.  They have animated it. They have also used recordings made by fans in the 1960’s as the audio track, so that the performances of the original cast get to live on.

    To celebrate the release of this animated endeavor on  Monday, November 14th at 7 P.M. (local time) Fathom Events will be hosting theatrical screenings of this classic Doctor Who serial to fans around the country. EuroCultAV was lucky enough to nab 5 pairs of tickets, and we are, of course, passing them on to you.

So how do you win?

Go to, and find out the 2 theaters nearest you playing Doctor Who - Power of the Daleks , then send me an email at with your Full Name and the two closet theaters and their locations playing Power of the Daleks.

The contest ends 11/5/16, winners will be notified 11/6.

Good luck.