Bad Bad, Gang

Director: Jon Donne

Cast: Andy Bellamy, Rene Bond

Country of Origin- U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Synapse/Impulse

Reviewer - Andrew Bemis

Date - 11/15/2016

The Film (0.5/5)


 As Iíve liked my share of both low-budget biker movies like Satanís Sadists and vintage porn, I could be down with a title that combines the two. Unfortunately, Bad, Bad, Gang! commits the worst sin of either genre: itís boring. At just over an hour, this painfully generic hardcore sexploitation title was a tough sit to get through. I owe you a review that lasts more than a few sentences, and Iím going to try, but I can save you some time right now: even judged by the flexible standards of early-70s no-budget porn, this movie sucks.


 The movie begins with two couples - the Biblically-named Eve, Jane, Kane and Able (sp) - arriving at a desert campsite for a weekend of peace and free love. The movieís highlight, a scissoring scene featuring Rene Bond (which isnít erotic but deserves a little credit for depicting scissoring decades before that was a commonly used term), arrives early on. Before long, though, the couplesí weekend is interrupted by a group of rowdy bikers that want to have their own fun. And by ďfun,Ē I mean rape. Lots and lots of rape.


 Iím not feigning outrage at this dumb movie, but I want to be clear. If you donít like rape in your porn, skip this one. And if you donít mind or enjoy rape fantasies enacted in porn...still skip this one, because itís unbelievably boring. As is mentioned in the DVDís liner notes, this movie was clearly shot on some very hot days, as everyone is sunburned and sweaty and generally looks exhausted. Maybe the heat is to blame for the lackluster performances - if youíre into lazy sex, a lot of oral performed on guys who canít get it up, and vast expanses of reddened flesh aimlessly pounding each other against a backdrop of rocks and sand, have I got a move for you.


Audio/Video (2/5)


 Impluseís DVD of Bad, Bad, Gang! presents the movie in its original (Iím guessing) 1.33:1 aspect ratio. This is not any sort of spiffy new restoration - it looks every bit its age, with fading, scratches, dirt and worn colors running throughout the film. The 1.0 mono audio, is, similarly, faded and scratchy. If you know this going in, the vintage quality of the presentation could be fun (if anything about the movie were fun), and itís possible that this is the best the movie could look. Also, this is apparently a more complete version of the film than previous releases, although the movieís frequent, jarring edits suggest that thereís still quite a bit missing.


Extras (0.5/5)


 The disc includes a trailer for Impluseís Peep Show Collection, and an insert with an essay by ďPorn ArchaeologistĒ Dimitrious Otis is included.




 This is a bad, bad, movie.