Erotic Secrets

Director - Charles Band

Cast - Jill Michelle, Monica Huntington

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

MSRP - $29.98

Distributor - Full Moon (Moonlight Erotica)

Reviewer - Bob McHenry Presents...

...The Dirty Uncle Bob Show: Episode 1: Erotic Secrets

The Film (3/5)

Erotic Stories is a classic, late  night,  premium channel, soft-core skin flick from Moonlight Erotica, Charlie  Band's new couples friendly softcore label. The story revolves around  five ladies on their way to a hollywood party, in a broken elevator,  telling dirty stories to pass the time. 

These girls get shameless very quickly  and start discussing everything from humping on stuffed animals, to  choosing the right cucumber, and the magical world of well aimed shower  heads and jacuzzi jets. It's interspersed with some flashbacks and  vignettes  of things like a young couple humping in public, a pair of foxy gals  boning a professor for better grades (featuring porn's Katja Kassin!),  a lass in a trench coat and lingerie banging on a Jersey Shore looking  fellow in a scene I like to call "Sideboob and Dude Butt",  and two hot chicks with fake British accents, scissoring in a bar  after-hours  and wrapping things up with a vigorous fingerbanging that pushes the  limits of softcore. 

Audio/Video (4/5) 

There's nothing particularly special  about the A/V on the dvd. It looks and sounds good. I wonder if 3D porn  with 5.1 sound is ever going to be around. 

I do have to mention that the music  is amazing! The sleaziest soft-core jazz ever pulled out of a canned  music library, and that's a good thing.  

Extras (3.5/5) 

The disc has a selection of older  softcore  trailers and a pretty entertaining, 5 minute long BTS documentary about  the film and what Moonlight Erotica is all about. The menus are pretty  simple and boring, but it's easy to look past.  

Overall (3.5/5)

Erotic Secrets is a good time. It's  just the right mix of tacky, sleazy, and sexy. A good watch for one  of those nights in with a special lady-friend, and be honest, it's tough to find a lady that'll stick around after seeing your real porn  collection.

-Dirty Uncle Bob