Godkiller: The Movie

Director - Matt Pizzolo

Cast - Lance Henriksen, Justin Pierre, Davey Havok

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

MSRP - $14.95

Distributor - Halo-8

Reviewer - Ryan Miller

Godkiller: The Movie Review (2.5/5)

If you remember my enthusiasm for Halo 8's  apocalyptic epic, you can easily understand my drooling excitement for  the latest installment. Halo 8, instead of sending part 3 of this  intense motion comic has delivered to me something much more. Or so I  thought. With a title like Godkiller: The Movie, I expected to be  viewing the series in it's entirety. Sadly, this is not the case. My  biggest complaint about Godkiller: The Movie is that it's really just  part 3 with the initial two parts tacked on at the beginning to remind  you why I liked the series to begin with. Okay, that's not my biggest  complaint, but we'll get to the rest later.

You can read my original praises for the series here and here.  Since I've already discussed those episodes, I felt it would be silly  for me to be redundant and go over them again. For this, I'm strictly  talking part 3.

Part 3 begins directly after the second  installment left off where the group is saved from an attacking squad of guardsmen by, I kid you not, traveling musicians. After they depart  from their saviors, Mulciber (voiced by Lance fucking Henriksen!)  decides they need to finally confront Dragos (Davey Havok of AFI). If you weren't aware, Dragos is murderous asshole on a power trip. Well, that and he's a fucking alien of the outer space variety. Needless to say, shit goes down.

I think I can easily  say that while this particular entry to the series is miles from being  as good as the first two, it is not strictly speaking bad. The film  carries with it some good and some bad. Since most people want the bad  news first, I'll pretend I'm being accommodating. Although the film is  titled Godkiller: The Movie, we're still not actually seeing a complete  product. The film itself ends on another ridiculous cliffhanger that  leaves us with absolutely no closure. Don't get me wrong, I'd be  perfectly happy to see Matt Pizzolo (director, writer, producer, and all around creative guy) do a shit-ton more of these, I'd just hoped that  this one might have completed the first story arc better. The movie  itself does end on a "To Be Continued...", which is a little disappointing. It's not last episode of Seinfeld disappointing,  it's more like Zack Snyder's Watchmen disappointing (Dammit! The man  tried at least!). I'm also not really fond of the Deus Ex Machina that  occurs to save our protagonists near the end. The story seems to start  to run out of steam for this episode. We have Dragos murdering people,  crazy cannibals, and two-headed monsters. While out of context I may  love these things, the application of the aforementioned things fell a  little short. Kind of stale.

At least no one gets amnesia. That is one of the unforgivable plot devices.

As far as the good goes. There was at least enough to tide me over. One of the things I really enjoy about this series is that it is absolutely  unabashedly brutal. Don't get to attached to any one character or their  body parts, because they may not get to keep them. Unfortunately, I  become attached very easily, it seems. Also, Tommie, our little boy searching for his heart of steel, awakens some of his hidden powers.  That was kind of neat.

Okay. So I guess I really am a little  disappointed with this one. Though I didn't enjoy the episode as much as the previous, I'm still rooting for this series. I love the idea of an  epic noble quest set in a post apocalyptic world. I will not write this  off for having one mediocre episode because I have faith it will get  better.

Overall 2.5/5

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