Godkiller: Walk Among Us Vol. 1

Director - Matt Pizzolo

Cast - Lance Henriksen, Justin Pierre, Davey Havok

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

MSRP - $9.95

Distributor - Halo-8

Reviewer - Ryan Miller

  Godkiller 2 Review

     You may remember an article done quite some time ago describing my experience with the first installment of Godkiller: Walk Among Us. If you haven't, I'll wait for you to catch up. There. All better now.

      Halo 8 scores again with the second addition to the Godkiller series by giving us more of everything we wanted. Blood lust? Check. Prostitutes? Check. Ridiculous violence? Check. A conspiracy involving the government, psychotropic drugs, and big brother? Che...waitaminute. This just gets better and better.

      The latest episode follows our favorite pure human soul, Tommy, as his bloody, bruised and tortured body is dragged through, and sometimes across, multiple trials of pain and loss. We all know that Tommy is searching for a way to save his dying sister and now it seems his quest couldn't be further from completion. Captured, beaten and raped, Tommy soon discovers what life is really like outside of his bubble of safety, a controlled city where he spent most of his happy life reading comic books before the tragedy struck a little close to home. What's more? Now Tommy is on a ticking time clock to save both himself and his sister. Unfortunately, this clock is closer to a bomb made of spiders. Spiders that eat you from the inside out. Seriously. This kid's life sucks way worse than yours.

       The motion comic thingy aspect still remain, but this time some scenes get a little more spicy than the last. They're clearly improving with every stroke of this magnificent series. Of course, the art itself is so neat, it makes me wonder why I hadn't heard of Anna Muckcracker, the original artist, before seeing Godkiller. I need to see more work from her. What's that google? You've found a cure to my needs? Oh golly you have to. This highly styled art will blow you away then eviscerate you. Let it be known, I'm not one to take evisceration lightly.

     The voice acting also improved strongly for this second episode. I'm not sure how much voice acting Justin Pierre is going to continue to do, but I'd love to see more of his work in that industry. I'd never expected something like this from the singer of Motion City Soundtrack. The rest of the cast expands and we're once again treated to Lance Henrikson being generally awesome. Seriously: who could possibly get enough of Lance Henriksen as an old man blessed with psychic powers that only activates when he's given special VIP treatment? Certainly not you.

      As with the previous edition of Godkiller, this shiny new disc comes with another audio prequel called Silent War. This is in fact the sequel to the first audio track. I encourage you to drop it into your MP3 device or CD burner and give it a listen. Fantastic stuff.

       Finally, I need to state that my voracious appetite for this series is ever expanding. Another cliffhanger has brought me to my knees with anticipation and I again cannot wait for the next volume to come out. This DVD earns every bit of the 4.5 grade I'm giving it. And you owe it to yourselves to watch it.