Graphic Sexual Horror

Director - Barbara Bell, Anna Lorentzon

Cast - Brent Scott, Peter Ackworth

Country of Origin - USA

Discs - 1

MSRP - $24.99

Distributor - Synapse

Reviewer - Bob McHenry Presents...

...The Dirty Uncle Bob Show Episode 2: Graphic Sexual Horror


The Film (5/5)

When you pop a disc called Graphic Sexual Horror into  your DVD player, some expectations are set. Awesomely enough, the  filmmakers do not disappoint and all of my expectations were met. It's a gritty documentary about, the gnarliest BDSM site on the web, in it's day. The doc covers the  history of the site and some backstory on the founder through interviews and archival footage from the site itself.

The film is full of brutally hardcore BDSM performances shown as video footage from live performance-art pieces, photography, super 8mm film clips, and  clips from the live streams during's heyday.

Graphic  Sexual Horror mainly focuses on PD, the founder of the site. Through  interviews with PD, himself, and more than a handful of the insex girls, insex staff, and a who's-who of the web BDSM community, we are given a  deep look into the art, business, and psychology of what it takes to run a brutal BDSM studio. The flow of information in the film really lets  you get to know the characters, especially PD.

Audio/Video (5/5)

Check and check, here. The film looks and sounds great. It's crisp and clean where it needs to be, yet dark and gritty where necessary. It's presented in 1.85 anamorphic  with a Dolby stereo track. The disc is also beautifully authored with  erotic photography on all the menus.


Extras  (4/5)

The only complaint I have  about the extras in Graphic Sexual Horror is that they seem to end a bit abruptly, but I think I'm just being nit-picky here. There's a ton of  extra interview footage, chopped out scenes, and interviews with the  filmmakers.


Overall  (4.5/5)


Altogether, Graphic Sexual Horror is a must see if you're into hardcore BDSM, feminism, the adult  industry on the web, and beautiful, train wreck imagery. Dirty Uncle Bob approved without a second thought!


Bob  McHenry