In the Sign of the Lion

Cast - Ole Soltoft, Sigrid Horne-Rasmuseen

Director - Werner Hedman

Country of Origin - Denmark

Discs - 1

MSRP - $18.95

Distributor - Music Video Distributors

Reviewer - Madison Hughes

The Film (3/5)


    I will be the first to admit I have this thing for Leos. They’re an extremely talented and charming bunch; if I were given my choice to be with any sign of the zodiac, Leo would be a top contender. But with all the sweets of a lion comes the sour, since there are only two modes to them: sweetheart or cad. In the Sign of the Lion is no stranger to this fact and the movie is more of a story within a story about the contrasting sexual styles of two (presumably Leo) brothers.

     Two elderly sisters are seeing their writing career go down the toilet. It seems that their prose just doesn’t have enough eroticism and love in it. Cracking under the pressure of the publishing world, the ladies start writing about the sexual escapades of two brothers, one a complete romantic and the other a manwhore. The book is a sensation, but the authoresses are embarrassed by it so they tell the publisher that it was their nephew who wrote it. It’s not a particularly funny or sexy movie, no one seems to be enjoying themselves or particularly concerned with the truth about who wrote the books.

    It does however feature two, drop dead gorgeous girls that run around in corsets and diamonds unable to keep their hands off each other. The two brothers want one of them, but can’t decide which one they respectively want. So they just keep fucking and romancing both of them (simultaneously mind you, these girls do everything together) figuring it will all come out in the wash. Realistic Leo portrayal, but that doesn’t make it appealing. I’m personally a fan of the threesome scene; it’s something akin to what I love about salad bars. Everything I like is in one place just begging to be thrown together. These threesomes were a little lacking though. The girls seemed uncomfortable with the addition of a third party and there is nothing sexy about that.

    If we’re just being honest, I was a little disappointed by In the Sign of the Lion. It tried to be dirty and romantic at the same time, but didn’t exactly pull it off. And that’s part of what good porn (and Leos’ charm) is all about.