In the Sign of the Virgin

Cast - Ole Soltoft, Preben Mahrt

Director - Werner Hedman

Country of Origin - Denmark

Discs - 1

MSRP - $19.95

Distributor - Music Video Distributors

Reviewer - Madison Hughes

The Film(4/5)


    Nothing quite gets an Earth sign off like power. Capricorns (like myself) are into the powers of status, we want to be the best, while the aforementioned Virgo’s need to feel personal control. Those fucking Taurus though, they just like to wield power. Which is, I assume, where we get the plot of In the Sign of the Taurus.

   Set in the Roaring 20s, Taurus takes place in this little seaside community where all of the young folk are virgins with no concept of sex being appealing.

     A dirty old Count has been keeping the town prosperous and running just the way it has always been so that when he dies (from a heart attack while watching naked girls on the beach through his binoculars) he can really fuck with their heads. The town council learns that the community will inherit everything if they throw an epic, hedonistic party the night he dies and a baby is born out of wedlock exactly 9 months and 14 days later. The plan is originally to just have the town hussy take one for the team. And her character as the town hussy is clearly defined through her constant masturbation with bananas. No, I am not (as much as I want to be) kidding. But the town is full of good, civic minded citizens and when they learn about the will, all run to the slutty fruit enthusiast for sex lessons taught by her and her boyfriend. I don’t know a Taurus alive who wouldn’t be into a whole town fucking like bunnies simply because they said to.

     On a visual level, In the Sign of Taurus was actually something very special. If Jay Gatsby had thrown his birthday party at the original Playboy Mansion, it would basically be this film. It never stops looking like what it is, a skin film made in the sixties that takes place in the twenties. But this makes the absurdly long time between sex scenes barely an issue because it’s so much fun to watch. There are naked gymnastics and full scale dance numbers that actually left me saying, “I wish I could dance like that.” The filmmaker clearly decided that no aspect of his film’s mise-en-scene would be neglected just because it’s a skin flick. A girl gets her pussy shaved to the overture of The Marriage of Figaro for God’s sake.

    The sex scenes themselves were a tad short, but there was enough to get the desired effect. The elderly town council never got in on the fucking, so it was all fresh faced Danes running around. There was a more balanced ratio of attractive men to women, a quality that I demand in my erotica and at no point is the sex particularly dirty. It’s actually pretty cute when a couple goes tumbling down a flowery hill giggling, kissing, and humping.

     But if we’re going to establish In the Sign of the Taurus as a porno that stands out because of its visuals, I cannot let you go without an important bit of information. You will, in fact, see a man give himself head. Not due to any larger than life qualities of his anatomy, but through sheer acrobatics. It does come out of nowhere but that doesn’t take anything away from its impressiveness. It probably would not have worked however in a movie with less attention to visual stimulation.