Leviathan: The Last Defense(Complete Blu-ray, Sentai Filmworks)

Director - Kenichi Yatani

Cast - Various

Country of Origin - Japan

Discs - 2

Distributor - Sentai Filmworks

Reviewer - Scott MacDonald

Date 02/05/2013

The Series (2.5/5)


    The land of Aquafall is a beautiful, serene land until one day a series of meteorite strikes begin to occur. These meteorites contain a violent species of creature known as a Lucasites.  These creatures are intent on destroying anything, and everything they come across. This sends a fairy named Syrup into action.  She begins to roam Aquafall in an attempt to assemble an "Aquafall Defense Force", and finds them in 3 magical beings that each have control over a specific element.  There is Leviathan, for whom the series is named a being with strong magic powers over the element of water.  We then have Bahamut who controls fire, and Jormungandr who is a master of the Earth element. The 3 accompanied by Syrup must work together to overcome the Lucasite menace.


    I try, even in the Internet age to go into stories blind.  If something looks interesting, I'll just pick it up, and that goes from anime to DVD's at the local Indian grocery store. That being said I did not know the back story behind Leviathan: The Last Defense before watching.  Apparently, Leviathan: The Last Defense was created as a companion piece to a mobile game.  The series acts as a prequel setting up the plot of the RPG style Leviathan: The Last Defense game. This explains the nature of the series itself.  The first few episodes feel less involved with story, and more about characters and world building.  The series begins by showing us the world of Aquafall, and introducing us to the fairy Syrup and her plight.  She then spends the next few episodes of the series building up her defense team, although for a situation that is considered urgent the pacing is languid in getting the team together and the team on the attack.  Further on that point, most of the battles that occur don't seem to occur in offensive situations, but seem to occur when the team is in a domestic  situation such as having a picnic.


     The series as a whole feels something that would be easily recommended for children, although there is a bit more skin revealed (no nudity though) than some parents might be comfortable with, and for a show that feels like it should be building up to something it really lacks a central storyline,  and at the end of the 13 episodes nothing feels resolved, and the only resolution that is possible for the series is in the game.  Of course, the series is not without it's merits, the animation itself is quite pleasing to the eye, including an excellent color scheme that absolute pops from the screen. 


Audio/Video (4/5)


     Sentai Filmworks have presented Leviathan: The Last Defense in a positively splendid 1080p 1:78:1 AVC encoded transfer.  The transfer is possibly one of the finest I've seen from Sentai, it certainly helps that it comes from a newer HD source.  The detail present here is excellent, and the bright, outstanding colors of the series truly pop from the screen. 


    This is the 2nd  Blu-ray release of Leviathan from Sentai Filmworks, the first had exclusive Japanese audio, this one includes a newly fashioned English dub track. Both tracks are quite serviceable with the dialogue, score, and effects coming through nicely.


Extras (1/5)


    Clean opening and closing animations.




    Leviathan: The Last Defense is an anime series that basically works as a prequel to a mobile phone RPG.  This means that the series spends a lot of time setting up characters, situations, and worlds, and less time resolving them.  The resolution one must assume comes in game form.  That being said the animation especially in HD looks quite stunning, and the series itself is harmless enough that it can be viewed by children. RECOMMENDED.