Oui, Girls

Director - Fred J. Lincoln

Cast - Tiffany Clark, Lisa De Leeuw

Country of Origin - German

Discs - 1

Distributor - Synapse/Impulse

Reviewer - Steven Lewis

Date - 11/28/13

The Film (3/5)


    "Yes" in France is "oui" Director, writer and producer Fred J. Lincoln, best known for his role as "Weasel" in Wes Craven's breakout horror exploitation classic The Last House on the Left, uses the term to title his film title Oui, Girls even though nothing about this film is French - at all.  When Nick asks his assistant Barbara to go undercover in a murder investigation, they must go deep within the confines of a couple's swinger club known as the "Circle S" ranch.   In the midst of sleeping their way through the couples in order to seek information, Nick and Barbara come to realize that they may have bitten off more than they can chew. 


Oui, Girls can compare to any classic explicit erotica film with cheesy soundtracks, shag carpets, wood wall paneling, and big bush from top to bottom.  The plot really falls apart from the weak tape adhesive that just couldn't keep up with the constant hardcore sex that ensues after every five minutes of dialogue much like a modern porn film, but unlike today's porn, Oui, Girls explicit scenes only last, a more realistically 10 minutes.  However, as far as the plot is concerned, who are Nick and Barbara?  We know Barbara is Nick's assistant and friend, but are these two cops?  Chances are not because they don't carry weapons nor badges.  Are they most likely private investigators?  P.I.s are more likely the answer, but we could only assume that position - much like Barbara does most of the time with Nick in bed! 


Speaking of Barbara, played by the super voluptuous adult actress Anna Ventura, is one of the best looking women I've seen from the 1980s adult film industry and on top of that, Ventura has some "okay" acting chops as she can be quite compelling in certain scenes.  You just need to refrain from staring at her enormous rack to see her thespian skills.  Ventura's only sex scenes involve adult film legend Paul Thomas, who could give Ron Jeremy a run for his money in the filmography category.  Thomas' creeper stash is fairly creepy and gets to lay with another sultry actress Lisa De Leeuw whose red drapes match her red carpet.  Thomas' scenes are raw and all-natural. They are also in your face and that might be a bit of turn off for some viewers.  Most of the scenes are hairy and juicy close-ups which back then was the standard for the 80's. There was no high definition detail as today's technology can produce.  Mid shot penetrations are non-existent showing only the waist and above. 


Then there is S&M porn actress Sharon Kane whose annoying lisp won't ruin her girl-on-girl scene with an unknown brunette.  I'm not too familiar with Sharon Kane, but I can see why her professional niche (not used in the film) is bondage.  Kane is a normal looking hottie and can't compete with the all naturals of Anna Ventura or the fiery redhead (and red crotch) Lisa De Leeuw.  The rest of the cast rounds out with porn actresses Tiffany Clark, Michael Morrison, and Joey Silvera who is better known for his directorial work of Tranny Films.  Now how does The Last House on the Left's Fred J. Lincoln fit into all of this?  Is Lincoln just a hired hand to make Oui, Girls salable because he's a known name?  Most than likely, but Lincoln began his "film" career in the porn industry prior to 1972 and died an Adult Video News (AVN) hall of a fame member with a fairly extensive acting and directing career.


This reviewer loves explicit movies and loves explicit DVD covers.  The Impulse Pictures DVD release is extremely attractive with Anna Ventura splashed on the main cover (holding what I assume to be a glass of Cognac) and lets not forget to mention the various sexy positions revealed on the backside of the DVD as well. 


Audio/Video (2/5)


The 16:9 presentation by Impulse Pictures is spotty, grainy, and dirty with the colors just not as vivid as most Impulse releases.  This VHS transfer wasn't remastered to properly excel this release and that will hurt Oui, girls as their are far too many imperfections that could have or maybe couldn't have been fixed.  The opening and ending credits in particular have the worst imperfections. 


The audio is choppy at times, but the dialogue is clear and is at an audible level even for a mono release. 


Extras (0/5)


There are no extras with this release.




Oui, Girls is a great addition to anyone's erotic, sexploitation, or adult movie collection.  The variety of women and the mysterious ways of the swinger lifestyle can intrigue even the most prudish of persons.  The short run time and the constant change over of sex scenes won't let Oui, Girls become dull and dissatisfying, but the flimsy plot makes us not care about the characters which mean that it doesn't involve us into the fantasy or we can't place ourselves into the fantasy, but than again, does that really matter?  In the end, I would recommend this non-French All-American porn film!