Director - Paul Spurrier

Cast - Suangporn Jaturaphut , Opal

Country of Origin - Thailand

Discs - 1

MSRP - $19.99

Distributor - Palisades-Tartan

Reviewer - Scott MacDonald


The Film(4/5)

      If I had to review P in one word it would be “restrained.”  This film is not a gore-a-minute splatter film, nor is it your typical Asian supernatural horror film.  P is more like a supernatural drama than in it is a straight horror film, and that is in no way a complaint.  When I popped P into my player I had half-expected to see a Ring-like Asian supernatural horror film, what I got was something more along the lines of All Over Me, if the main character of that film was a Thai lesbian sort-of vampiric stripper. 

      P is less a horror film, and more like a film of self-discovery.  Yes, there is horror to be found throughout P and a good deal of it falls into the category of scary supernatural monster goes on a killing spree.  However, for a good deal of P's running time it feels more like a drama about a young girl learning about her burgeoning emotions in a big city far from home.

     P tells the story of Aaw a young girl from rural Thailand who has been raised by her Grandmother, who happens to be a witch.  When Aaw is 18, her Grandmother falls ill, and she is forced to take a job in Bangkok to pay for her Grandmother's medication.  She becomes a stripper/prostitute, and is forced to take the name “Dau,” by the manager of the club.  She is immediately teased, and bothered by some of the other dancers in the club, and begins to use Grandma's magic to help get past these problems.  Unfortunately, the more power she uses, the more evil she becomes.  Eventually Aaw/Dau becomes a sort of vampiric creature feeding on those around her.


Palisades-Tartan has presented P in a 2:35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer.  The transfer itself is quite solid with only minor instances of grain thoughout the picture. 


P is presented with Thai Dolby digital 2.0 and 5.1 with optional English subtitles.  The audio is good, and clear throughout the film with almost no hissing on grain anywhere on the track.


P has quite a few extras on the DVD.  Leading off is a commentary with the director Paul Spurrier.  Also, a couple of featurettes one a look behind the scenes, and another called Soi Cowboy Go-Go Bars, the disc is rounded off with a music video by Rawang, a gallery of production photos, and the films original theatrical trailer.



P is an excellent little supernatural drama.  It has a lot of of emotion, heart, and quite a few scares.  If you are a true fan of the horror genre, and have an open mind than P is the film you've been waiting for.