Power Rangers Seasons 13-17

Directors - Various

Cast - Various

Country of Origin - U.S./Japan

Discs - 22

Distributor - Shout Factory

Reviewer - Scott MacDonald

Date - 04/05/14

The Series (4/5)


    The last megaset of Power Rangers (8-12) featured as an exclusive feature a minisode that connected the prior series  (Dino Thunder) to the first series in this set. (SPD). Since each Power Rangers series is an exclusive group of Rangers and their story it was a nice way for a guy like me who hadn't been watching the series since the early Mighty Morphin Power Rangers seasons to prepare for what was to come. 


     Shout's new megaset contains 5 complete series of Power Rangers it begins with SPD, moves on to Mystic Force, then Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and ends with RPM.  The set includes a set of excellent bonus features (detailed later), and an exclusive booklet that contains an episode guide to the series. As with the prior Shout! Factory Power Rangers megasets this one has been crafted by the artist JC Alcantara, and has a nice glossy sheen to it.


    The episodes and series vary in quality, however if you are a big enough Power Rangers fan to spring for a megaset you should be plenty pleased with both the content and the overall presentation. Unlike the epic legacy collection Shout! released last year the seasons in this set have nice single season DVD packages which make for easy access. One note, this is allegedly the last of the megasets Shout! Factory will be releasing, the rest of the seasons including in the legacy set may be released individually in the future, but if you are a fan this is a must buy.


Audio/Video (3.5/5)


     Shout! Factory has in keeping with the OAR and prior editions of their Power Rangers collection released this set in 1:33:1 full frame.  The transfer look quite good are nice and colorful where they need to be, and offer fine detail elsewhere.  There are some shortcomings due to the source material, but overall I doubt these episode have looked any better than they have here.


    The audio is presented in a solid stereo track in English.  All dialogue is quite discernible as are effects and music.  I did not detect any issues with the audio, and it is quite suitable for the material.


Extras (4/5)


    Shout! Factory have put together a wonderful slate of extras including Mad Props an interview with Mark Richardson about working in the Power Rangers Props Department.  We then get Rangers on Set a series of interviews with cast members about their favorite and least favorite PR sets. We then get Ranger Tales where interviews are given about the actors time as Rangers. There is an interesting featurette entitled Collect 'Em All where fans are interviewed about their favorite PR collectibles.   There are also some items ported over from prior Power Rangers DVD sets and are specific to each season.  There is also a a booklet containing an in depth episode guide.




Shout! has put together another outstanding Power Rangers box set. The 5 seasons are a lot of cheesy violent fun, and they look better than ever.  The included extras push the set over the top. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.