Pretty Peaches 2 and 3

Director - Alex deRenzy

Cast - Siobhan Hunter, Kiesha

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Abraham Phillips

Date - 05/28/14

Pretty Peaches 2 (1987)


Pretty Peaches 3 (1989)



Starring: Part 2:  Tracy Adams, Jeanette Littledove, Herschel Savage, Jamie Gillis, Peter North



Starring: Part 3: Lynn LeMay, Tracey Adams, Marc Wallice, Eric Price, Jamie Gillis, Keisha






Part 2: Peaches' boyfriend Bobby peeps on Peaches' divorced mother, the mother forces him to strip and rapes him. Thinking her mother is prude, Peaches looks for sexual advice from both her stepfather and her Vietnam veteran step uncle.



Part 3: Meet Peaches. She's gone on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. What she finds on her journey isn't exactly spiritual, but it's definitely enlightening.






Part 2: (4/5)


Part 3: (3/5)



Vinegar Syndrome does it once again letting the viewer adventure into two classic porn films. I was highly anticipating seeing  these as I heard Vinegar Syndrome was releasing both of them on their double-bill Peek-a-Rama DVD features.



After finally experiencing both of them I am so happy to be able to review them. These are truly gifted films for the lovers and fans of adult entertainment, specifically of the 80's. These are two feature films that have been forgotten but now are brought out beautifully for a new generation to behold.



Both Part 2 and 3 were directed by a pornography God. Directing over 190 pictures of a sexual nature, Alex de Renzy was able to bring forth sexual appetites for all horny men and women throughout his massive career as a porn director.



Pretty Peaches 2 and 3 are adult sex comedies, In the style that was mastered by Alex de Renzy. Which were memorable films that explored the pornography in the 80’s through the lens of comedy.


Both these mix a comical reality in with raw pre-condom sex. These two shine as more of a sophisticated porn. Surprisingly the acting, yes I said acting in a porn film, is truly not that bad, because it fits in well with the storyline and atmosphere present in the porn.



Pretty Peaches 2 also stars the one and only porn, big wang icon Ron Jeremy. Also starring in both 2 and 3 is porn god Jamie Gillis. The master of porn and even acted in non-porn. He starred in over 400 films.


These both will appeal to truly iconic fans of classic retro style porn from the 80's. Both of these features stand out and are truly gifted and cleaned up and refreshed for a modern generation or for those fans that remember these.


Part 2 stars truly a one-of-a-kind goddess of adult entertainment Siobhan Hunter. She plays Peaches in this film with a wide eyed sense of sexual wonder.


Part 3 Stars the amazing stunning sexually charged Kiesha as Pretty Peaches. She has graced many forms of entertainment from porn to non-porn being in over 180 pictures. She has always graced cinema with her beauty and her sexually toned appetite for the screen and for fans.



These 2 films are porn classics. For fans of pornography these two in my opinion are a must own. Specifically part two, but part three is also good. Part two is the better of the features. Part two is one that stands out specifically because of the cast and the overall performances through a sexual nature that makes the viewer spontaneously arise, if you know what I mean.


Audio/Video: (5/5)



+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 169 Anamorphic & 43 Full Frame | MONO


+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm and 16mm original camera negative



Stunningly beautiful, probably one of the best jobs I've seen done in bringing out this new transfer. The audio is perfect. The video is perfect. The colors are crisp and beautifully sound and stunning for the eyes to experience all the sexual beauty.






+ Original Theatrical Trailer





For fans of adult entertainment this is a must own, must purchase. Vinegar Syndrome did a fantastic job and I highly applaud them for the beauty they put into bringing out these two retro classics. Truly gifted performances and something to experience for fans of retro pornography.