Pulsating Flesh/Super Sex

Director - Carlos Tobalina

Cast - Ray Hardin, Sasha Gabor, Tess Ferre, Jesse Eastern, Vanessa D'Oro

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Steve Lewis

Date - 11/02/15

"Pulsating Flesh" (2/5)


Peter Longfellow seems like the average man.  However, Peter has an unusual and unique talent; he can impregnate any woman he sleeps with, even if he pulls out or they're on the birth control pill.  Peter is invited to a talk show to discuss his impressive gift and how he's using his ability to earn a living and to help to impregnate once thought barren women into fertile childbearing mothers.   When two bi-sexual women catch Peter's interview on television, they become turned on and decide they need a male presence in the bedroom.  After a quick call to the television station, Peter is in bed with the bi-sexuals who seem to have forgotten that Peter's sperm is very potent. 


The 1987 porn "Pulsating Flesh" is the last piece of work from director Carlos Tobalina, under his more American moniker Troy Benny, before his death two years later.  At 63 years old, Tobalina left the porn life with a sizzling and saucy stag film that lives up to it's given title and that surrounds itself with a hilariously absurd plot, which I wouldn't have expected any less from Tobalina to tackle.  The whimsical script was written by the film's star Ray Hardin, aka Ray Wells, who gets a piece of every actress credited.  Hardin rides the hussy train along side "Deep Throat" actor Harry Reems portraying The Milkman, donning an archetype porn role as the delivery person getting lucky upon goods received.  Another male co-star includes the hairy as a Sasquatch Jay Sterling, who plays a husband who shoots blanks and only Hardin has the rock hard cure.


Tobalina was lucky enough to score some stunningly gorgeous ladies for his last hurrah.  The super fit and tall Tamara Longley plays the television show host Joanna Carson (perhaps a bit of a play on Tonight Show's legendary Johnny Carson) who enters into intercourse with Longfellow after their discussion on his tireless talent.  However, Longley, even when being stellar on screen, was overshadow by other starlets such as the on screen lesbian gals Tess Ferre and Tami Lee Curtis.  Ferre is introduced early on as well as Mrs. Wilson, a wealthy woman on a limitless sultry path.  The short hair with an olive skin tone of Ferre and the fair skin with lightly golden hair of Curtis created a fantastic chemistry in their scissor-filled, head-giving scenes that kept the flames burning hot all the way toward a great finish even if it included the average Ray Hardin in a threesome mix.  Bunny Bleu and Renee Summers, a pair of late 80's legends amongst the likes of Traci Lords and Christy Canyon, tag team Ray Hardin as a couple of unbelievable "high schoolers," due to their maturity, brought along by Mrs. Wilson to fulfill the middle aged Peter's kind of creepy fantasy about doing high school aged girls. 


Lack of structure.  That's what's missing from this silly premise about a man with ultra-sperm.  The story starts off with Peter being led by the wealthy Mrs. Wilson to Peter's ultimate fantasy:  a threesome with a pair of high school girls.  As that particular story progress with the two girls performing on each other, the Milkman shows up with his delivery and creepily stares through the window, jerking himself off.  Little do we know that this is in fact the middle of the movie and continues as a non-linear outline.  The beginning of Peter's story journey of super sperm inseminator starts from the live on-air TV interview, complete with stock footage of old people clapping as the TV show's audience, with Joanna Carson, where he and the Milkman continues and finishes both the story and all three woman.


The playful dialogue comes off monotonous with only lustful emotions backing each word.  I'm not expecting the likes of Shakespearian dialogue here, but if there's story in between, a little extra effort and a little more passion behind the deliveries really sets the tone of the sex; primes the pump, so to say, in order to sell the fantasy.  What also kills the fantasy is the overall appearance of Ray Hardin with his dad bod gut out, thinning hair, average size penis, and sleepy eyes.  At least Harry Reems has a toned muscular body with a full head of hair; Reems looks the part of a porn actor. 


Almost like it's a signature of his films, Tobalina surely loves to put the main focus on the money shot.  Whenever Hardin or Reems reaches climax, the audio implementation of retro-esque "pew pew" sci-fi effects emerge, as if Hardin or Reems were firing off Han Solo's blaster.  We've seen similar focal instrumentations before during the money shots of Tobalina's film "Anticipation" with the use of the "instant replay," revisiting the expelling from a different angle and in slow motion.  While on the subject of audio oddities, many of the sexual dialogues are misaligned with the actions and excessively looped, suggesting the laid over tracks might not be from these particular performers.  Again, audio synchronization was never Tobalina's strong point as noted in his previous films.  Dialogue plays over the intercourse scenes but none of the actors are moving their lips and when they are moving their lips, the combination apes English dubbing over a Japanese "Gojira" movie.  In addition, the obvious looping further dilutes the sexy scenes.  During the orgy between Reems, Hardin, Bleu, Summers, and Ferre, roughly every 30 seconds I'm noticing the blurting out of "ouch" from one of the male actors.  Another example comes from the post-interview sex between Longley and Hardin where the voice of a male performance keeps repeating, "your pussy is like a dream!" 



"Super Sex" (2.5/5)


When the respectable psychiatrist Dr. Rosenberg goes out of town with his assistant, young psychiatrist Dr. Stein fills in to cover the slew of hot and young female patients.  Dr. Stein takes full advantage of the situation, using his hypnosis therapy to discover the cause his patients' sexual problems while also exploiting their sexual fantasies to get his sleazy way with them.  When Dr. Rosenberg returns, he catches Dr. Stein in the act, but instead of reporting the perverted doctor, Dr. Rosenberg is convinced that these sleazy methods could be helpful to his clients and to produce an unthinkable amount of revenue for his practice.  The two psychiatrists collaborate in order to helpfully hump their way to a successful case load of fresh faced and beautiful women who will do anything to unload stress. 


Certainly and realistically a very unethical practice for any psychiatrist to perform, Director Carlos Tobalina, once again under the moniker Troy Benny, exploits the taboo doctor and patient relationship with numerous sexually frustrated patients being seen by a clinical staff that's willing to do anything to get into their patient's panties in the 1986 film "Super Sex."  The tall and blonde Jesse Eastern, under the name Jeremy Hapner, bares the mark of a giant birth mark on his rear-end.  While Eastern portrays Dr. Stein, the Hungarian born, Burt Reynold's lookalike Sasha Gabor has the role of Dr. Rosenberg with a botched speckled gray hair wig in the attempt to make Gabor look older and wiser and look less like The Bandit. 


Before Dr. Stein is assigned to take over the case loads, Dr. Rosenberg hires Miss Malone, played by the consistantly lustfully devious blonde Sheri St. Claire, whose always braless when performing her temporary assistant duties and who enjoys eavesdropping on Dr. Stein's steamy private sessions.  Along with St. Claire are a vary of talent including the short and petite Italian brunette Vanessa D'Oro with perky breasts who fantasizes about being taken from behind in a shower.  Voluptuous Trinity Loren, Nina Hartley, Jules St. Cloud, Melissa Mendez, and Beverly Doom also accompany the Tobalina adult film.  Each actress have their individual scenes with the exception of D'Oro and St. Claire who start with girl-on-girl until Jesse Eastern walks in on them and then a threesome ensues.  Overall, I'm pleased with all performances that are very sexy with fairly unique angles and their simple scenarios:  man wants to see his wife pleased by other men, black woman has a fantasy about being a white man, a woman being molested by her mother and father, etc.  However, my personal favorite session is with D'Oro and her obsession her friend's husband and she dreams about inhabiting her friends body, actress Nina Hartley, and banging her husband Francois, played by a muscular actor with a highly visible tattoo of a butterfly on his ass.  The scene is superbly hot with a near seamless transition between Nina Hartley turning into Vanessa D'Oro, a rare glimpse into early special effects work.


The settings for the most part don't change.  There's a shower sequence, a couple of bed scenes, but for the most part a lot of action takes place on the psychiatrists' couches and that's not necessarily a negative.  However, the couch does become a tad overused.  When the story neatly wraps up and Dr. Rosenberg confirms that he's willing to overlook ethics and bang his patients back to sexual sanity too, "Super Sex" continues on with three more scenes at the tail end just to show that these Doctors are committed to their newly profound methods.  Honestly, 80 minutes was far too much time and could have been shortened, especially when the story had ceased. 


Audio/Video (4/5)


Vinegar Syndrome, much like the rest of their Peekarama DVD collection, had restored "Super Sex" and "Pulsating Flesh" in a 2k scan from their 35mm negatives and like always, the restoration is clean with the colors naturally being displayed.  Some grain and dust, but barely noticeable.  The 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen presentation couldn't be any sharper on both films. 


The 2.0 audio mix fairs quite well.  Aside from the post-production asynchronous of the laid dialogue tracks and the annoying loops, the sound quality is strong and vibrant in dialogue and soundtrack. 


Extras (0.5/5)


Original trailers are the only bonus material on the DVD.




Another solid Peekarama DVD release from Vinegar Syndrome.  Despite the corny and unethical, yet fantastical plots, this Tobalina double feature does pulsate with sex and the flesh is certainly super!  I modestly recommend this title for some of the hottest starlets of late eighties baring it and giving it their all on the best transfer provided by Vinegar Syndrome!