Savage Sadists/Den of Dominace/Daughters of Discipline

Director - Phil Prince

Cast - Nicole Bernard, David Christopher, Dan Stephens, Mark Patton

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Steven Lewis

Date - 10/12/15

Considered to be the last great adult film director out of New York City, Phil Prince, also known as The Prince of Porn, was the in-house director for the NYC grindhouse company Avon Productions who notoriously released some of the most controversially sleaziest and kinkiest adult films for nearly a decade between 1975 and 1985.  Prince went gladly against the grain, directing adult films that often related to rape and incest.   Vinegar Syndrome releases a Phil Prince and Avon triple feature that snuggly fits right into their repertoire of erotically filthy collection.  The release highlights three early, super short works of Prince's, each sampling the director's pure perversive nature in rape, fetishism, and incest:  "Savage Sadists," "Den of Dominance," and "Daughters of Discipline."


"Savage Sadists" (2.5/5)


Two hoodlums raid the home of a pornographer, looking to retrieve money owed to them.  Who they find is the pornographer's wife lying on the couch and ready for the taking.  The armed thugs take advantage, forcing her down on the couch, stripping her of clothes, and forcing themselves on her at gunpoint.  Meanwhile, her pornographer husband works hard on improving his secretary's wardrobe by removing it from her body.  His wife bursts through the door just after he finishes with his secretary and confronts him with his philandering and with the two men who just raped her, but no sooner does she mention the two men do they enter his office.  As the pornographer cowardly hides under his desk, the two armed men again ravage his wife and also dragging in the fold his secretary and his other Latina assistant.


Prince's first super short on the Avon triple feature release caters to the rape fantasy as gun-toting thugs seek to get their payment through the mouths and legs of every female in their target's life.  The 1980 release of "Savage Sadists" might be taboo and raunchy by design, but comedy is implemented into the bare boned script and laid out in the simple settings; there is a photo art of Richard Avedon's "Natassaja Kinski and the Serpent" being the only culturally eloquent fixture in setting.  Lead porn actor Mark Patton whimsically engages himself through the role of pornographer head honcho Mr. Greenburg by tirelessly answering phone calls to fill in orders for VHS or Beta tapes  He generates goofy facial expressions during the sex scenes while also delivering misogynistic one-liners to his secretary.  Also, the low-end production also couldn't even scrounge enough dough for an actual door bell ring effect in the first five seconds of the short, reducing the effect to an off camera, voice over door bell sound.


The simultaneous sex scenes between Mr. Greenburg with his full figured, dressed like a ring master secretary and the two thugs with the leopard print  clad Mrs. Greenburg are steamy to a point until the painfully and awkwardly looped scenes come into play, degrading the continuity of what might have been a good start to the stag short.  The ginger-haired and scrawny Dan Stephens and his gift of garbage gab attempts to portray hard core dominance but his Northern accent, particular vocabulary, and his thin appearance resembles less like a threatening sexual dominator and more so resembles like an even more annoying Michael Rapaport on heroin.  David Christopher is the other thug.  Christopher and Patton sport iconic porn mustaches that have for so long be the punch line of the porn industry that they almost look too fake to be real.


"Den of Dominance"  (3/5)


An unsuspecting man walks into a dingy bar of the dark corners of New York City's Times Square looking for a good time.  When the bar keeper offers him pleasures beyond just the usual stiff drink, the man gladly accepts, getting his knob polished by a sexy Latina while another bar patron beside him dives tongue first into a sexy lady's hot box.  There's extended pleasures in the back of the bar where a man and a woman break out the chain chokers and the black whips in a S&M parlor.


Consisting all of the same cast members and released the same year as "Savage Sadists," "Den of Dominance's" little-to-do with S&M scenario adds one new male performer not featured in the first of three super shorts.  The scenes are much more relaxed with characters embracing their animal instincts in a (glory) hole in a wall bar.  Mark Patton takes the reigns as the lead performer, playing the new customer seeking a little release and bar keeper (non-performer David Christopher) gladly shows him the way with a skimpy-dressed Latina seductress.  His performances with the sexy Latina (the Latina assistant in "Savage Sadists" who goes uncredited in both shorts) strokes fairly well in both of their scenes together.  Nicole Bernard, the woman getting her bar food taco munched in the first performance, returns with her slender figure, hard nipples, and lion mane afro hairstyle.  Her scenes with the uncredited newcomer to the cast are sexier than her "Savage Sadists" role, but she's a bit of a dead fish, taking the thrusts and being awfully silent instead of rolling, and role playing, with the male performer. 


Michael Rapaport.  Excuse me.  Dan Stephens makes his return as an unconvincing S&M performer in the back parlor.  Stephens has the annoyingly disgusting mouth that's more associated with a S&M enthusiast, but he isn't rough enough with his submissive female colleague (the uncredited plump personal secretary to Mark Patton in "Savage Sadists").  He gingerly pulls on her choke chained collar, gently whips her breasts with the little brother of a cat o' nine tails, and doesn't forcible make her do anything outrageous enough to warrant S&M behavior.  Stephen spitfires commands and she obeys with little-to-no resistance.  When Stephens begins to slap his cock against her gaping mouth, the chuckles start to roll with the ridiculous Foley Artist "punch" or "slap" sound effect.


The super short also suffers the same redundancy effect that plagues "Savage Sadists."  Prince cuts and re-edits scenes without considering the deja vu effect and the out of sync voice overs during steamy sex scenes creates more of an anxiety riddled muddled mess than a sexy filled cuddling fest.  Overall, "Den of Dominance" is the better of the three titles when considering a true to form porn with little-to-no plot and containing less than mediocre hot sex scenes, a generous description at best.


"Daughters of Discipline" (2/5)


Sisters Rhoda and Glenda glance through their parents S&M magazine while home alone.  Being turned on by the racy pictures, they embark on some sister-on-sister action, but something is missing from their little love making session - a cock.  They call up John to come over and when he arrives, the three get right to business in bed.  When the innocent threesome has concluded, Rhoda and Glenda tie a sleepy eyed John up on their parents' S&M crucifixion device and whip his body as the please their mouths with his manhood.  When John is about to explode with pleasure and pain, the sisters' parents walk in on them and the tables turn on the sisters with their mother manhandling young John with her mature promiscuity, Glenda being bound to the crucifix, and their father entering his daughter Rhoda from behind. 


Lastly, the Phil Prince and Avon triple feature ends with a smidgen more S&M than "Den of Dominance" and ton more of creepy incest.  Surely the most creepy of the three shorts, "Daughters of Discipline's" cast must have been selected from below the bottom of the barrel.  Robin Thorn (Rhoda) and Victoria Sands (Glenda) rough around the edges bull dyke appearance doesn't necessary turn my pants ablaze.  Furthermore, what in the hell happened to Nicole Bernard in three years?  The once slender and fit performer in "Savage Sadists" and "Den of Dominance" has gained a lot of weight almost looking unrecognizable playing the role of the mother (maybe the weight gain was for the role...?).  The one plus about her weight gain is the growth in her breasts, expanding from a solid B to a generous D cup; however, Bernard still sports the lion mane afro that seems to have not gone out of fashion in the three year span between shorts.  Then we come to David Ruby, nearly enough said.  David Ruby isn't exactly a handsome individual.  His thinning comb over, a formidable snout, and a deep monotone voice makes Ruby feel more true to his character - an incest enthusiastic perverted creep.


The setting layouts are just a plain as in "Savage Sadists," using the same Richard Avedon's "Natassaja Kinski and the Serpent" photo art on the living room wall and using the same S&M crucifixion to tie up John.  David Christopher, who plays John, makes his third appearance in this Avon release just like Nicole Bernard, but unlike Bernard, Christopher still manages to look the same except with a more prominent head of hair.  He still sports his signature thick mustache as well.


Once the orgy starts in the living room with all the cast members involved, that's when things get super creepy.  David Ruby is eagerly adamant and chill about punishing his on screen daughters sexually.  He ties Glenda up and slaps her in the face randomly through the duration (more out of place Foley artistry here) while punishing Rhoda with his penis as she's exclaims, "fuck me daddy."  When the scene ends and everyone has came on each other or the floor, David Ruby turns to the camera, remarks about how this will teach his daughters a lesson, and then gives an usually long maniac laugh that finally ends with director Phil Prince yelling "Okay, lets try that again" off screen.  Trust me, Ruby's laugh will haunt your dreams.




With what Vinegar Syndrome had to work with, I'm surprised on the result of how semi-decent the 1.33:1 aspect ratio video appears.  Each short has been through a 2k scan and restored from the original ultra-rare 16mm vault material.  There is expected grain and scratchy defects, but the details are clean and the colors are surprising vivid and natural.  Slight overexposure during a handful of moments during the first sex scene of "Den of Dominance" nearly white out the performers, but the duration doesn't last long and quickly evens out. 


The mono audio mix is a piece of monumental work considering the muddled and out of sync dialogue audio tracks laid out by Prince and his team.  Clarity amongst the actors is key and Vinegar Syndrome clearly makes that present by balancing out the tracks.  The unsettling and ominous synth soundtrack loops have been cleared of imperfections and obstacles, solidifying Phil Prince's unnerving pornographic envisioning.


Extras (0/5)


There are no extras.




Clocking in at around 117 minutes total, the Vinegar Syndrome Avon triple feature is an unique look into the disturbing and perverted mind of one of New York City's most infamous porn directors and his grindhouse collection.  A taste of sleaze and a taste of home entertainment quality quickly sum up the DVD release, but I wouldn't label this release a normal adult porn as a good shower and two Xanax pills might be necessary after viewing.  The transfer quality is solid and the porn is, well, more than less not very stimulating unless rape, S&M, and incest gets your rocks off.  I would recommend this title just for the sole fact of being bizarre and creepy and that's saying something for the adult industry that mass produces solely generic stock porn with attractive performers.