Schoolgirl Report # 10

Director - Walter Boos

Cast - Eva Berthold, Alexandra Bogojevic, Astrid Boner, Reiner Bronnoke

Country of Origin - German

Discs - 1

Distributor - Synapse/Impulse

Reviewer - Steven Lewis

Date - 11/09/13

Film (2/5)


What contains a school text book, German natives, and a slew of nude female bodies?  You guessed it, the erotic German series Schoolgirl Report and with Impulse Picture's release of volume #10, schoolgirls just got a whole lot sexier in the classroom.  Schoolgirl Report Volume #10:  "Every Girl Starts Sometime..." - aka "Sexy Schoolwork," aka "Smartie Pants" - holds true to the classic series standards by giving an anthology of young, beautiful German women telling their stories of sexual escapades.  The film starts in a all girl classroom and the topic of discussion is about "legislation and morals."  For these young girls, right and wrong have various meanings and their stories give a glimpse into life and how sex has impacted upon their very definition of morals. 


Each story is different.  One would think an anthology entitled Schoolgirl Report would contain nothing but quirky, male fantasy-driven scenarios.  Instead, the stories paint a more realistic picture for women that could relate to even some of today's modern woman.  I swear I've seen parallels to these stories recently on the mainstream news media and on the celeb buzz site TMZ.  Such stories that begin with a young girl, who is failing in her English studies, being tutored by her much older professor, but instead of trying to actually learn English the old fashion way by studying her cute behind off, she uses her sexy body to try and entice him for an easy A in the class and then later accuses him of rape when he rejects her perky, young bod.  Stories that are filled with melodrama in which a young blonde played by Gina Janssen (who you might remember seeing in Sadomania as Loba Mendoza!) is a mistress to a wealthy older man, but when his wife discovers their hidden and forbidden relationship, her perfect world starts to fall a part and her use to him has been nothing but an object of his desires.  The most disturbing tale of the four is the virgin girl who searches high and low to find the perfect sex partner in which to make her feel the pleasures she so desperately desires.  Her sexual journey goes from the inexperienced man, to the experienced man, to the man that betrayed her by letting his buddies gang raped after he finishes with her.


I'm sure today's sexual moral issues are nothing new. The 1970s issues were also nothing new.  The Germans just happened to cash in on them and the audience ran with the anthology because, frankly, taboos are interesting and people crave interesting.  Now, I did mention that there were four stories in Volume #10 and I saved this story for last and not because it's my favorite story of the four but for being the quirkiest and sexiest homage to The Exorcist I've ever encountered before the more modern adult spoof the EXXXorcist was ever released.  A young couple stage a fake exorcism inspired by The Exorcist novel in which the main male lead picks up and studies.  The reason for this fake exorcism is to get his blonde busty virgin lover in a room alone and away from her prudish aunt and uncle by pretending to be a religious savior that could "exorcise" the demon out of her.  The busty blonde does a tremendous, yet goofy portrayal, of Linda Blair's possession by imitating the whole routine from making wacky faces and spewing obscenities to urinating on the kitchen floor.  You have to see it for yourself because the actress, Alexandra Bogojevic, made a complete ass of herself and deserves to be credited for it.


All the women but one have blonde hair, blue eyes, perky breasts and are athletic in build.  Basically, they're all stereotypical German women.  The only odd ball actress was from the first scene with the professor.  Her short hair, long snout, and slender figure made a welcome contrast from the rest of the cast.  If you can't picture her, think a young Jennifer Grey from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  Got the image?  Good.


Though I can't find any evidence to support my claim here, I have to mention anyway and that is Volume #10 seems highly cut during the sex scenes.  Edited Schoolgirl Report volumes are not uncommon due to their highly erotic nature and I don't believe this series to be full on hardcore, but the sex scenes are choppy enough to make one believe these scenes have been edited down to preserve some kind of dignity or, in this case, moral fiber.  If i'm right, then the film's loose plot about "legislation and morals" and it's edited content is an oxymoron, but again, I can't prove one damn thing and I've researched it!


Audio/Video (3.5/5)


Impulse PIctures again have outdone themselves again with an impressive Anamorphic Widescreen 1.66:1 transfer.  The colors are superb quality and suitable to the era.


Being a German series, the audio is in the original German language.  The subtitles are nearly dead on (thanks to my four semesters of German) and keep up or surpass just a smidgen with the German dialogue.  If you're fluent in German, you can also remove the subtitles. 


Extras (0/5)


There are no extras available.




Schoolgirl Report Volume #10 is the same softcore porn that doesn't stem far from the other volumes and all the difference is is that Volume #10 is wrapped in different packaging.  The stories will capture your attention especially the Exorcist parody.  Don't expect to get a fancy release out of Impulse Pictures as most of these erotic features are bare bones, but you will appreciate the transfer quality in video and audio and I think that at least is worth a viewing.