Schoolgirl Report # 5

Director - Ernst Hofbauer

Cast - Puppa Armbruster, Peter Kranz)

Country of Origin - German

Discs - 1

MSRP - $19.95

Distributor - Synapse

Reviewer - Scott MacDonald

The Film (3/5)

     Schoolgirl Report # 5 is the fifth entry in the German series of Schoolgirl Report films.  These films follow in the tradition of roadshow films like Mom and Dad and Reefer Madness which attempt to use societies ills (in this case teenage sexuality) to lure people into watching some pseudo-documentary nudity. 

     Schoolgirl Report # 5 like the other films in the series is an anthology.  This volume contains seven stories involving teenage sexual shenanigans.  The first story is about a trio of girls, who attempt to seduce their straight-laced school teacher while on a class trip.  The second involves a teenage girl who blackmails her Grandfather into sleeping with her, until the guilt takes over, and he turns himself into the authorities.  The third story involves a teenage couple, who have yet to have sex, but want to.  They are awkward, and do not know how to act toward each other.  They then turn to older more sexually experience adults to prepare them for each other.  The fourth is about a Priest/teacher at a Catholic school who becomes an object of lust for one of his teenage students.  The fifth story is about 2 girls who hook up with a couple of plumbers working at their school.  The sixth part revolves around a girl who loses her virginity to a man who splits right after.  She then becomes the town slut attempting to recreate that first experience with multiple other men.  The seventh and final story is about a girl who is bullied by her schoolmates into losing her virginity.

    The stories themselves run the gamut from alright, to entertaining with nothing really standing out.  Of course this is the fifth film in a 12 part series, so of course you are going to have some ups and downs.  The most significant stories are the second, third, and fourth.  The others feel more like quick vignettes,  than something really fleshed out.  Of course with a film like this, that is appropriate.  I don't think anyone watching a film called Schoolgirl Report # 5 is looking for a deep plot, and interesting characters, and for what it is, it is a fun slightly goofy ride.  It's definitely worth watching once, just for the sheer absurdity of the whole thing.  My only regret is that I have not seen any of the earlier entries, so as to have a good point of comparison.

Audio/Video (3/5)

     Synapse/Impulse have presented Schoolgirl Report # 5 with an anamorphic widescreen transfer.  It looks pretty good for the age of the film, and the type of material.  There are a few instances of dirt and scratching throughout, but nothing distracting, and it actually adds a nice grindhouse ambiance to the film. 

     There is only 1 audio option, and that is a German track recorded in Dolby Digital Mono with optional English subtitles.  The audio is good and clear for the most part, and the subtitles are bright and easy to follow.


Extras (0/5)

    Since chapter stops are not an extra, this disc is completely bare-bones.  I would like to note that Impulse have chosen to release this entire series sans extras.  I only hope that in the future maybe these flicks will get released in a box set with some sort of extra disc with a documentary on it.  These films aren't exactly deep, but it would be nice to have some sort of background on the series.



      Schoolgirl Report # 5 is a cheesy and fun little sexploitation film. It has 7 stories, some entertaining, some could only be described as blah.  It is, however, a fun little ride, and a good way to pass 80 minutes.  The transfer is good, but not perfect which fits the atmosphere of the film.  I would recommend this for some goofy sexploitation goodness.