Cast - Raine Brown, Misty Mundae

Director - Pete Jacelone

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

MSRP - $24.98

Distributor - Alternative Cinema

Reviewer - Bob McHenry Presents...

...The Dirty Uncle Bob Show Episode 4: Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness

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The Film (3/5)

    Sculpture is a nasty little film that comes to us from ScreamKings. I
say nasty in the nicest way, of course. The film follows a young
artist, played by the foxy Raine Brown, who upon returning to her
hometown for her father's funeral gets an offer from a local gallery
curator to come up with a new show. A bunch of genuinely disturbing
memories resurface and our heroine winds up crazy as shit and begins
to dismember body builders from her late father's gym to make a new
sculpture for the show.

    It's got a good mix of sexy, gross, gory, cheesy, and really fucked up
scenes as the story unfolds. It also has Misty Mundae, worth
mentioning only because I love her.

    Now my favorite thing about Sculpture is the drinking game I thought of while watching it. The film features a lot of body builders, so, naturally, there is a lot of flexing. A LOT of flexing. Also, there is no shortage of steroid and the related small penis jokes that go with steroid jokes. If you want to play along with Dirty Uncle Bob's
Sculpture Drinking Game at home, here are the rules.

You must drink when:

1. You see a body builder flexing
2. Steroids or any other drugs are mentioned
3. Drink twice when a steroid comment is paired up with a small dick  joke
4. Misty Mundae get's naked or Raine Brown peels down to her panties.
5. Dude ass appears on screen
6. And lastly, everytime someone dies.

     Step lightly with this one, it's definitely not an amateur's drinking
game. Maybe try it with beer if you'r new to movie drinking games.

Audio/Video (3/5)

     The film was shot in HD and mixed in 5.1 and stereo, but the audio quality is pretty rough in places.  That's a damned shame, because nothing makes good looking camerawork and decent acting worse than bad audio. I do appreciate the 5.1 mix, and was very surprised when I started the feature that the option was available, but a little more finesse could have went into the mix.      I also found myself having to
ride my volume button here and there to compensate for a bit of a rough mix. All in all, it's not unwatchable by any means, but a cleaner audio track could have really added to the film and bumped up
my rating points of it quite a bit.

Extras (4/5)

     The ScreamKings DVD is pretty loaded with extra content that's actually good. Now, in all honesty, I don't usually bother with extra features on DVDs since it seems to be mostly useless fodder just to
fill up the disc 8 times out of 10, but I was pretty impressed with the extras in Sculpture and actually enjoyed watching them. There are some great interviews about the making of the film from the inception
to the production, some great BTS footage, and some pretty well done deleted and extended scenes. These guys did a great job of making use of the available space on the disc for more than simply putting a long
list of shit on the back of the DVD cover.

Overall (3.5/5)

    Sculpture is a fun little gore film with some really fucked up content
that go beyond the visuals. I think it could have used a little more
sex, but what movie couldn't? I am a bit disappointed that Raine Brown
doesn't get naked, but to my understanding, that's not really her
thing. Luckily, Misty Mundae came in and saved the day. If you dig
cheap shocks, foxy ladies, dismemberment, flexing, and dude-ass,
Sculpture could be worth your hour and a half.

Bob McHenry