Sex: How to do Everything

Cast - Em & Lo

Country of Origin - U.S./U.K.

Discs - 3

MSRP - $39.98

Distributor - Kino

Reviewer - Shaun Wright

The Series (3/5)

     Sex: How to Do Everything is a 10 part documentary series presented by Alive Mind DVD, and hosted by Village Voice sex advice columnists Em & Lo.  The series presents itself as a how-to on the various ways to spice up the viewers sex life, and while that is indeed part of the show, a good deal of it plays off as a sort of sexual news program with different segments that relate to the topic they are discussing, but don't directly advise on it.  They also do man on the street style interviews in both London and New York City to see how the general public feels about the topic they are discussing that week.


      Sex: How to do Everything the series is broken into ten 45 minute episodes each dealing with a different sexual themes.  The first 9 cover a variety of subjects, while the tenth is a best of the series.  I would recommend watching this episode first, and then checking out other episodes you may find of interest after getting a feel for the series after that.


     While the series wants to be a definitive, and informative look at sex, the variety and tone of the various segments, makes it feel more disjointed than anything else.      The episodes while lasting roughly 45 minutes could lose about half that running time, and be better for it.  Other times the advice they dish out can be considered rather silly.  At one point that suggest using out a hollowed-out piece of fruit as a masturbation device.  The video that accompanies this bit, seems to bizarre to be taken seriously, and one has to wonder if anyone would actually attempt to follow such absurd advice. 


     Sex: How to do Everything feels like it wants to be informative, erotic, humorous, serious all over in the course of one episode. Over the course of 10 the series can become a bit trying.  The series is not all bad, and when it tries to be informative it tends to be at it's best.  It is only when it goes off on other tangents does it seem to lose momentum.


Audio/Video (3/5)

Sex: How to do Everything has been presented by Alive Mind/Kino in a 16:9 anamorphic widescreen transfer that preserves it's original broadcast ratio.  The transfer itself is good, nothing mind blowing, but it doesn't need to be.  The audio is similarly good, as all dialogue from the studio segments to the man on the street segments is entirely audible.



     Kino/Alive Mind have not included any extra features on the DVD presentation of Sex: How to Do Everything.



    An interesting, but flawed exploration into sex, and the culture of sex.  Em & Lo as host are fairly straight forward in  their approach, however, the episodes themselves are anything but.  The transfer is a good serviceable transfer, and the audio is clean and clear.