Sexy Sisters(Goya Collection)

Director - Jess Franco

Cast - Karine Gambier, Pamela Stanford

Country of Origin - Switzerland

Discs - 1

Distributor - Ascot-Elite Films

Reviewer - Scott MacDonald

Date - 05/03/14

The Film (2.5/5)


    Jess Franco one year ago now in April of 2013. As one of the last remaining auteurs of early EuroCult cinema it was a tragic loss, but being in his mid-80's, and having been in declining health for sometime it was hardly unexpected. If one is to find a silver lining in the dark cloud of Franco's tragic passing it would be that over his very long and prolific career the Spanish director left us with over 200 films (more if you qualify the varying cuts of some of his films) to explore and to enjoy for decades to come. Prior to his passing his films began to trickle on to the Blu-ray format with Redemption Films releasing his classics Female Vampire and Exorcism on to the format in October of 2012.  However, it would be Ascot-Elite Films with their line of Franco Blu-ray's that have been keeping the maestro's work visible, and in very beautiful Blu-ray editions since late 2013.  The series is working it's way down, and we have decided to go back, and review as many of these titles as time allows as these are some of the most gorgeous cult titles on the market, and they offer a great tribute to the late Jess Franco.


    In the late 70's director Jess Franco made roughly a dozen films with producer Erwin Dietrich. I have watched about half of those, and while many of the films are strong entries in Franco's canon or at the very least very fun Sexy Sisters has been the least of the bunch in my experiences thus far. The film follows 2 stepsisters Edna and Milly, Edna stalks nightclubs looking for men to have sex with, and brings them home.  However, upon arrival she disappears, and leaves them to her nymphomaniac stepsister Milly, who has spent the last 6 months chained up in a room by herself and under the supervision of Doctor Barrio. Milly, it turns out was sexually traumatized when she was young by a muscular gigolo who raped her and her sister. But that is not her only problem.  Her late Father, a millionaire left her a trust fund of millions of dollars that she will inherit on her 21st birthday, if she is in the right mind to collect it.  It turns out that Edna has been working with Barrio to make sure Milly is not at all in her right mind by injecting her with a medication that amps up her sex drive, and turned her into the nymphomaniac that currently is.


    A lot of the Franco films of this period are fun genre romps that are loose on plot, but high on sex and nudity. Sexy Sisters certainly falls into that category. The films first half is consistently mostly sex, and what plot there is only begins to reveal itself in the second half of the film.  The film feels like a more narratively strong version of his earlier Nightmares Come at Night as both feel more like a fever dream captured cinematically by Franco. The film certainly does have it's moments, but I would only truly recommend it to Franco completist.



Audio/Video (3/5)


    Ascot Elite have maintained a very high quality standard with their line of Jess Franco Blu-ray's, and while Sexy Sisters is no different in that regard, this films transfer is certainly a bit lesser than the ones I've seen thus far. The good as far as I'm concerned are excellent detail throughout, with strong colors, and decent blacks. There is a nice level of grain throughout.  The flesh tones present on this transfer are a bit off at times and are more pink than expected, also there are some noisier moments throughout the transfer, and some softer moments especially in brighter or exterior scenes.


    The audio is presented with 5.1 tracks in a variety of languages, but only Japanese subtitles so if you're an English speaker the English dub track is the only option. The track sounded fine throughout with dialogue being audible throughout as were sound effects, and music.


Extras (2/5)


    The extras present on the disc consist of a photo gallery and trailer.




    Sexy Sisters is not Franco's finest moment, and I can only truly recommend the film to Franco completist.