Sweet and Perverse Milly

Directors - Christopher Clark

Cast - Milly D’Abbraccio

Country of Origin - Italy

Discs - 2

Distributor - One 7 Films

Reviewer - Steven Lewis

Date - 03/06/2015

The Film (3/5)


Milly's enormous sexual appetite has made her thirst for Italian manhood dwindle.  Milly decides to depart from Italy and fly straight to America where she will journey to find the biggest cocks the United States has to offer.  Her perverse adventure through the states is an all out sexual escapade as she rides every male cock she comes upon.


Sweet & Perverse Milly doesn't hold back the perversions.  Almost all the sexual depravities you can imagine are contained in this One 7 Movies release.  Italian sex goddess Milly D'Abbraccio, better known for being one of the first Italian actresses to film a pregnant sex scene, brings her perfect 36C breasts to the screen under the first time direction of Christopher Clark.  Clark, who goes by many monikers, is a long time adult movie actor and martial arts enthusiast who takes the helm of Milly in search of American sex.  Clark is not alone as he's supervised by legendary Gerard Damiano, director of the dirty classics such as Devil in Miss Jones and Deep Throat. 


Milly on screen is a feisty red head with the rug that matches.  Her tall stature and broad shoulders make her more masculine than most of the men that she has sex with in this film.  She supplies all the dirty works from sucking, to doggy-style, to cunnilingus, to finally, threesomes.  No place is sacred, no time is wrong, and no man is too small for Milly's cravings and while Milly surely takes center stage throughout, there are a few scenes that are awkwardly implemented into the film.  Amongst the oddly placed urinating in a solo cup scene and the wild night club orgy without Milly, the scene that tops the cake is a sex scene between two transvestites.  The cut to to this scene is fairly natural but the setup for the scene is not explained and we're right in the middle of two people who I first thought were passable for female.  Though the two were a bit rough around the edges with butter faces and seemingly unhealthy looking spots all over their bodies, I thought the angles on this scene were a bit odd as if being shied away from their crotches, but then their manhood is subtly revealed.. 


Another odd point to take notice is that Milly is an Italian girl traveling to America.  Everybody she encounters in America speaks Italian.  I understand that the film is Italian made but the flimsy plot becomes a bit off putting because I never receive the inclination that Milly traveled to America. 


Audio/Video (3.5/5)


One 7 Movies sticks with the original Italian language with English subtitles that are well timed with actors.  The Mono sound is very clear and that's great for an early 90's hardcore porn.  The SOV 1.33:1 aspect ratio presentation is clean, the detail is exquisite, and the colors are vibrant; a spectacular finished product all around with the A/V from One 7 Movies.


Extras (0/5)


No extras.


Overall (3.5/5)


Surely containing all your hardcore needs, Sweet & Perverse Milly relies heavily on it's star Milly D'Abbraccio.  The steamy sex scenes are hot and superbly graphic.  Even with the odd filler scene randomly placed in the duration, this One 7 Movies romp-fest flick will keep the perverts coming for more.  The clean look and sound certainly makes for a good selling point if you're just not looking for another standard porn from the 1990's.