The First Time/Oriental Babysitter

Director - Anthony Spinelli

Cast - Mimi Morgan, Joey Siveria, John Wright, Georgia Ileine, Sonya Spizer,  David Blair, Linda Wong, Mary Quint, Connie Peters, David Brook, Faed  Antion, Michael Zarilla

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Steven Lewis

Date - 12/07/13

 "For viewers age 18 to 85" comes Vinegar Syndrome's latest rated X release in their Drive-In Collection series - The First Time and The Oriental Babysitter.  Not just classic titles for the adult industry, but landmark films that glisten with industry legends in the prime of their lives and their careers.  Names that became the definitive mold, or the archetypes if you will, for future porn prospective actors and actresses and for the very first time on DVD. This Vinegar Syndrome release is a dual film release that will titillate your most sensitive areas.  The First Time tells the story of a young telephone company operator being led down a path of sexual perversion spearheaded by her deadbeat, no good of a husband.  She spirals downward from her passionate marital love making to wild orgies and public whippings that become too overwhelming for her simple lifestyle.  The Oriental Babysitter narrates a different tale of an Asian women embracing her sexual pleasures with married men and also their wives while the babies sleep!


Film ( 3 / 5 )


Without even acknowledging the porn side of the film (which is difficult to do), The First Time could be said to be a brutal, heartache drama of a woman's sexual hobby spiraling out of her control and into the demented hands of a deviant person - her husband.   Short lived sex starlet Mimi Morgan plays the down on her luck telephone operator Sue Morris whose jobless husband forces her into porn just to pay the bills and from then on the story grows wilder.  While shooting a porn movie in a mansion, she's invited by the mansion's owner, a wealthy lawyer and socialite named Jake, to join him and others in a swinger party held at his mansion.  She complies and brings her husband, but after laying with Jake and getting "sixty-nined" by one of the women in the group, she is force to whip the women while others chant, "harder! HARDER!"  Director Anthony Spinelli has the ability to make his audience feel like their on a crazy trip stemmed from some really tainted LSD.  During the first half of the short 70 minute feature, you're on a sex high with Mimi Rogers banging everything in sight.  Then the film blatantly turns for the worse with Morgan's character Sue being forced to whip another woman, being used by her husband as an excuse to cheat on her solely because he witnessed her lesbian romp during the swinger party, and being drugged up and raped by not only her husband and the girl he cheats on her with with a massive strap-on.  Whew, I took my breath away just typing the hard knocks that falls upon Morgan's character and to make it even worse, there is no resolution to her problems and we're left with no revenge or no satisfaction for Sue!  While the subject matter hits dead seriousness in reality, there lies a cavalier sugar-coated coating on the surface which, in my opinion, makes the underlying issues that more disturbing.


Along with Mimi Morgan the film stars porn icon Joey Silvera who portrays her husband Jan.  Silvera, believe it or not, has some acting chops having not starred in any major, more well-known productions and that makes him a formidable and tangible actor.  Silvera's creation of a monster husband with a no holds barred attitude works well with Spinelli's drug induced film.  Besides the casting, Spinelli's and Essex Picture's film is quite a little gem and for the most part the little things make The First Time stand out that much more such as the opening credits where Mimi Morgan's partially left open, red lipstick lips are in a freeze frame until the credits are complete and the frame begins and her lips gradually blanket over a large cock is absolutely gorgeous and genius.  Each scene is hot, steamy, and aggressive with the genitalia.  Morgan makes you believe she absolutely loves to give oral by grabbing those balls firmly, giving a long and fast stroke of the shaft, and using her mouth each and every way possible until a geyser erupts.


Film ( 1.5 / 5 )


Another Anthony Spinelli and Essex Picture's film entitled The Oriental Babysitter goes the opposite route of The First Time.  Linda Wong, one of the trailblazing Asian women of the adult film industry, breaks out of her shell in this racy, not-so-politically correct, film about a young Asian teen with "rather large breasts" babysitting and exploring men and women sexually.  There you have it folks, the plot in a nutshell.  Literally, nothing else happens.  However, Wong is the main center piece of the film being with every "husband' and "wife" in the scene while they pretend there is a sleeping child upstairs.  The story doesn't move away from the bed or the couch which makes this Spinelli picture dull and pointless, but that's porn!  The scenes for the most part are very erotic, but I find difficulty in supporting Linda Wong's character of a 14-year-old teen being molested by a drunk father cheating on his wife.  Her character doesn't stay 14-years-old throughout the film as her narrative brings her right up to being an adult (yet looks the same) working for a big corporation as a secretary for a CEO, but still babysits on the side - you know - for the fun of it.  What also doesn't settle well with the scenes of the guy who cheat on their wives getting a face full of bush from Linda Wong.  These "husbands" have the most awkward of scenes and their facial expressions when they're not in the threesome are unsettling.


The Oriental Babysitter should be retitled as The Oriental Carpet-muncher due to most of the scenes being oral.  I'm sure there had to be a medicine cabinet somewhere on the set stocked full of floss on stand by with the amount of bush on each person.  Along with that mental image, the soundtrack doesn't have that porn swag to the beat like one would think with 1970's porn.  Instead, the familiarity of show tunes or game show music feels more appropriate and with every sound of a misplaced "ding" during the sex scenes the actors, as if on cue, change sexual positions.  Everything that is odd and wrong with a film that has such a great title couldn't overshadow the great and beautiful Linda Wong and Vinegar Syndrome knows this because only a few years after The Oriental Babysitter, Linda Wong retires from her short lived stint of adult industry life and dies of a drug overdose in her mid thirties making the films she was in such as The Oriental Babysitter gold.


Audio/Video   ( 2 / 5 )


The transfer to Anamorphic gives the film more girth than it's worth, but that's a good thing as many of the sex scenes intimate with your television screen.  The 35mm print needs some touching up with the haziness and graininess, but the print is in fantastic condition.  Editing is both film's biggest weakness as certain scenes don't match up correctly yet these mishaps only add to each film's cult-like nature.


Audio is a totally a horse with a different color.  The static so loud that it can't go unnoticed and the sounds of pleasure are drowned out and can barely be audible.  This would be great if you had thin walls, apartment neighbors, and a great sound system because the game show/show tune soundtrack will provide cover for you.


Extras ( 0 / 5 )


There are no extras with either film.




To have a piece of pornographic legacy is great; much like owning Sylvester Stallone's "Italian Stallion."  This Drive-in Collection (though I'm pretty sure Drive-In's didn't show rated X films) double feature by Vinegar Syndrome is a must have and proudly displayed on your shelf just not right next to modern and no-so-marvelous material like Back Door Babes 34.  Keep it classy and keep it classic with The First Time and The Oriental Babysitter because both will please in more ways than one.  The First Time is dark and cavalier while The Oriental Babysitter is awkward and sexy.  There lies something for everyone and nobody could argue with that.  Recommend.