Too Naughty to Say No

Director - Victor Nye

Cast – Angel, Ginger Lynn

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Steven Lewis

Date - 03/10/2016

The Film (4.5/5)


Betty, the epitome of innocence as a sugary-sweet Catholic school girl, studies for her exams, seemingly stuck on the word 'begat,' when she falls asleep in the garden, unconsciously egressing into a dream world of untold perversion.  From her encounters with a sex paraphernalia possessing maniac, to being bid on at a high profile clientele brothel, to having a three way with a couple of crooked cops, to be taken with force by a horny flasher, and to finally getting cozy in a compact car with another woman, each scenario is more intense and more sexually educating than the next for the wholesome Betty.  Betty's purity becomes virtually stripped away, making her a pro at sexual revelry .   


"Too Naughty To Say No" is one of the few films from South African-born director Humphry Knipe, whose listed on the Vinegar Syndrome DVD back cover credits under his more subtle moniker that uses his real first name - Victor Nye.  Erotic photographer and the adult industry's first female film director Suze Randall, also Knipe's wife, took upon the role of the film's producer.  The fantastic erotic-comedy stars industry beauty Angel (Jennifer James) in the lead role of Betty; the stunning brown haired, fresh faced former model entered the adult industry in 1984 and was featured as a Penthouse Pet of the Month a year later in 1985, whereas most women starting porn were first discovered in Penthouse.  "Too Naughty To Say No" also has a spectacular ensemble cast that includes, but not limited to, Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis, Lois Aryes, and Harry Reems. 


The Humphry Knipe script is loosely based off the notorious perversions of Marquis de Sade's "Justine", but doesn't loosely skimp on the perversions that Marquis de Sade himself is infamous for penning.  Betty resembles an Alice in Wonderland character who unconsciously fantasizes of a world unlike anything she's ever experienced.  Co-star Ginger Lynn's saucy stature is a welcoming contrast against Angel's innocent one, but when Angel's misadventures lead her down further into the warped world of whimsicality, Angel's innocence has taken flight and her maturity level goes up a few notches, beyond what's suppose to be proper for any Catholic.  The backdrops felt high end and not shoddy, low end sets, but a couple of pairings, such as when Angel gets abused by the authority of two crooked two cops, Paul Barresi and Rick Cassidy, or the rape scene involving flasher Craig Roberts, felt underwhelming and poorly set up that leaves the narrative flavorless when invoking deviancy enticements. 


When harping back on the Knipe stag feature length film, a popular film director, a well-known Senator, a holy man-of-the-cloth cardinal, and a Nazi SS commandant, as if starting of a really bad joke, are farcically exaggerated characters who are elbow deep into depravities with raunchy brothel harlots while unflinching in a high dollar bidding war on the innocent Betty's virginity as she's twirling in a showcase fashion, garbed in her angel-like see-thru gown.  The scene is strangely captivating in a quandary state, but ferociously misogynistic to the tune of a secret society gentleman's club; I couldn't help but not break the glassy eyed gaze away from the immoral actions of respectable societal tropes and those sensations continue to root deep, striking the oil of the basic primal need to lust which comes easy from Knipe's work.  The aforementioned scenario, along with Angel's compact car lesbian scene with Cody Nicole while reused male performers ejaculate on the windows of every side of the car, are just a couple of the many greatly bizarre and surrealistic scenes in "Too Naughty To Say No." 



Audio/Video (4/5)


Vinegar Syndrome's is presented in anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen and has been restored through a 2k scan from the original 35mm negative; however, the 35mm negative was originally blown up from it's original 16mm, according to the Knipe's feature running commentary in the bonus material.  The restoration never disappoints with clean picture, natural colors, and sharp detail with only slight graininess in the darker colors. 


The 1.0 Dolby Digital English only Mono Mix is clean enough and balanced between the tracks as much as can be balanced.  Scoring the Knipe feature is a San Fran bay area jam band known as The Kingfish whose scores soundly paint Angel's encounters.  No subtitles are available.


Extras  (1.5/5)


The only extra feture is an audio commentary with writer-director Victor Nye and his producer wife Suze Randall which is slightly informative about the narrative's origins.




Vinegar Syndrome's release of "Too Naughty To Say No" tells a story that dabbles in sexual addiction, S&M, rape, voyeurism, sex trafficking, lesbianism, and much more to sate all degenerate tastes.  The XXX suits the distributor's interests and takes on a polished and sleek restoration, adding gorgeousness appeal to the act of getting nasty.  "Too Naughty To Say No" stars one of the most beautiful women that ever laid on her back in the adult industry while peppering her spicy unintentional, down the rabbit hole rendezvous with with industry celebrities.