Wakefield Poole’s Bijou

Director - Wakefield Poole

Cast - Bill Harrison, Bill Cable

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Abraham Phillips

Date - 05/14/14

Plot: The film concerns a construction worker (Bill Harrison) who witnesses a car accident and pockets the female victim’s purse in which he discovers her invitation to a club named Bijou. There he enters a strange erotic world where dark fantasies becomes reality. A fever dream blending the erotic and the divine in equal parts, Bijou is a psycho-sexual puzzle that rewards multiple viewings.



Film: (5/5)



Over 70 minutes of Wakefield Poole's unique visionary erotic sexual talent. A trip inside the ultra art house colorful and twisted mind of a sexual gay porn pioneer. Poole brings forth a twisted tale of lust and pounding sensuality. Part art and part exploration and all erotic gay porn. 


This is an adult gay feature film brought back from the 70's to a new modern generation. Bijou has a 70's feel yet is nicely restored by Vinegar Syndrome with this new clean up and restoration job, which showcases  the beauty of  forgotten sexual cinema.  

What's so uniquely interesting and gives an awesome weird experience is this movie is filmed with a psychedelic atmosphere, mirrors, darkness, shadows, neon lights and sex. Lustful rough raw sex. Your main star moves through the many realms of Bijou fulfilling all exploration of his sexual lust and darkened desire.

Bijou has an underground art-house type feel. It showcases the stunning colors and visionary imagery that you would see in such films like a David Lynch movie. Wakefield Poole was truly a unique and interesting visionary talent. Most people would say its just porn but in reality its so much more. Its a statement in lustful glamour. There is a surrealism to the feature. When the Construction worker enters the Bijou it's almost like he is entering a piece of moving cinematic art or an erotic dream come to life.

Bijour stars Ronnie Shark aka Bill Harrison. He was a gay porn actor that had a really big penis and he knew how to use it. Sadly he died at a very young age of 43 but his extremely  large talent graces the imagination in the films he starred in, including this retro classic of Gay Porn. He also directed gay porn. I am surprised he doesn't trip over his own penis it's so huge. I don't know how he sits with that thing.

This also stars Peter Schneckenburger aka Peter Fisk. Peter was a stable in Wakefield's movies also gracing the iconic gay porn film Boys in the Sand and 74's Moving !


I am a fanatic and obsessed and a lover of Wakefield Poole's cinema. He is a master at capturing his unique brand of imagery and capturing his unique perspective for the makeup of the human body. I am a fan when directors go above and beyond the norm and captures what they wish to express.


Now to understand what the viewer is getting into, one has to understand who Wakefield Poole is. Wakefield Poole is not his real name, he was born Walter Wakefield Poole III. He is a master dancer, and amazing choreographer, a powerful theatrical director, and most of all what he truly is remembered for is being a pioneering director in the gay pornography movement that he dominated in the 70's and continuing on into the 80's.

His first experiment with film was the 1971 Boys in the Sand which still is considered a landmark film in the world of gay pornography. He tried to cross over into the mainstream world from pornography with the movie Bible, sadly the Bible was never respected mainly due to Poole's past and mainstream not willing to accept the gay pornography director creating an erotic mainstream version of the Bible which during the time was considered blasphemy and still today would be considered blasphemous.


Wakefield Poole was inducted into GayVN Awards Hall of Fame in 2003. The GAYVN Awards are given out annually to show respect and honor in the gay porn industry.


It's truly amazing to see this film restored, uncut and remastered. Vinegar Syndrome I feel are gods when capturing and bringing forth forgotten cinema.

Truly a unique and brilliant adult sexual gay film that fans of this type of cinema will love and cherish. The beautiful new DVD by Vinegar Syndrome makes this film shine.



Audio/Video: (4/5)



I personally don't think it's ever been as beautiful as this. It's nice and clean, sounds wonderful, they did a spectacular job at refreshing the film.



+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.33:1 | MONO


+ Scanned in 2k from 16mm original camera negative



Extras: (5/5)



+ Original Theatrical Trailer


+ Director’s Audio Commentary & Video Introduction


+ Video Interview w/ Author Linda Williams


+ Video Interview w/ Wakefield Poole + Unused Audition Footage



The extras are brilliant. The two worth watching and should be seen for fans is the Interview with Wakefield Poole about the screening and psychology of the movie. Also the wonderful unused footage of five guys auditioning, which is just priceless.






Sexually twisted, a sexual eye-opening, beautiful experience of 70's porn done by the master himself Wakefield Poole in an artistic art house style of filming of subjects.